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      i’m only 15 and i am pregnant.
      the dad is my closest friend but he wants me to get a abortion, so it just sounds like he doesnt want to know.
      im so confused… my family would go mental if they found out, and i am so scared.
      the dad has gone on holiday for 2 weeks now so i cant talk to him about it until he comes back.
      if i want to keep it i dont know if he would be here for me and the baby or not.
      some-one help me please!!! 🙁


        OK honey. First off I am sorry you are struggling with this decision but, it is yours and yours alone don’t let anyone else’s opinion influence your own. I was 15 when I got pregnant. My daughter is now 2 years old. I graduated high school six months early and now will be starting college in less than a week. I thought my parents would go balistic and my mom would kick me outbu ton the contrary I mean don’t get me wrong they were disappionted and upset, but I didn’t get kicked out, not smacked across the face, no yelling, or screaming, not even the silent treatment. So don’t be so quick to judge how your parents will react, b/c they might suprise you. As for the dad this choice is your and your alone. It is your body and this child is growing inside you. Stand up and decide on your own. And even though my daughters father is with me. not once would him being here or not would influence my choice to keep my child. Hun you can do it with or without the dad. And I have never had an abortion but i have friends who have and regret it everyday.


          girl don’t let ne one pressure u into an abortion, it’s ur body and ur baby! what u want!…what u need to do is find a trusted adult u can tell first and have them help u/go with u to tell the rest of u family (if u are really that scared to tell them)….and screw the dad, if can’t handle it then he shouldn’t have been having sex in the first place, because there’s always the chance of getting preg when u have sex!!!…good luck!


            It is your choice!, not anyone elses!..The father or nobody else can decide what you do with YOUR child, its yours not theres. Don’t care if your whole family is dissapointed, it may sound really bad, but a family should be understanding on how things happen thats it, nobody can stop things from happening, they always happen for a reason. The things may be challenging, such as pregnancy, but there is always a way through the problems. if you want to keep the baby, i would say dont EVER let someone else choose for you what you do with YOUR body and YOUR baby. Find a trusted adult or counciler or someone else you can trust to help you out. hopefully your family will come around to the idea of you having a baby. But it was both yours and the fathers choice to have sex, and there is always that chance of getting pregnant. and it is your choice to keep the baby, and even though you are younger, if you think you can take the challenge of being a teen mom go for it! it will all be worth it in the end. Like i said hopefully your family respects your decision of keeping the baby, and dont let them push you around. They should be happy you want the challenge of having a baby, they should learn you are growing up and you can make your own choices, even if they think they are mistakes, Sorry for the language but Shit happens thats it, they should be happy you dont want to have an abortion, because in my opinion thats not right, but its your choice!! and i hope evertyhing goes good for you!!!! 🙂

            princess Angela


              I was once in the same situation as you expect i was 17 i didnt think that my family would understand but my mum did and helpt me throw what was the hardest time in life so far….. the father told me to get an abortion his parents both wanted me to as well…. I was stuck in my own world…. it felt like there was no way out, no one to turn too.

              I was scared! my bf at the time told me he wouldnt love me the same way if i had the child and he didnt know if he wanted to be with me if i had the child……So i had an abortion But the father isnt around still so all his promises to hang around after the abortion were just empty lies.

              Having an abortion was the worst thing i had ever done in my life still to this day i wonder what my beautiful daughter would look like an how she would be growing…..

              What im trying to say to you is make sure this decision is yours an yours alone don’t let some guy make you get an abortion because you think he may not be around But make sure you are prepard to raise this child alone if you keep this baby.

              Hope this helps!!!Goodluck and keep us posted


                Aww dont worry hun, everything will be okay. All I have to say is please please please dont abort your baby. This is your baby, and no one elses. Your boyfriend abviouscly doesnt care about you or your baby together. He is being really selfish. Who cares if he wants you to have an abortion, because it is not up to him, is it? It is up to you and no one else. Your boyfriend may change his mind over time and accept the fact that you both will be having a baby, just give him some time. And i am sure you will be a wonderful mother with or without a boyfriend. Listen to the song on this website, it is the best song, I always listen to it. Go up to the top of the page and click on control panel, then click play….then click on the name Courtney Spears…then click on her name again and her song should play.

                -heather xoxo


                  Hey Chrissy, my names Anna I’m 15 and 36 weeks pregnant with a little boy. I found out I was pregnant when I was 5 months and 1 week, I had gotten the deprovera shot but was pregnant before so I had no reason to suspect I was pregnant, I found out by accident pretty much. I went to a regular doctor appointment and then remembered me and boyfriend that it was a good idea I get a pregnancy test, so if I was pregnant it would be only a couple weeks. Wrong. The test came back positive and my doctor, upon examining me felt a good four month lump in my belly. I was beside myself, when I went outside my mom wasn’t in the car but when she got there she asked me what was wrong and i said I was pregnant. Four months at least. … She was more excited than me I’ll tell you that much. Then I had to tell Daddy who lives with us when he got home from work and I was really scared because I thought he would be angry, or leave me. He took it well and said that we’d get through this. I was scared to tell the rest of the family, especially my Dad I thought he would lose it but I was wrong, he was excited and even said "what a wonderful thing". I was SO scared! I had to go to the hospital to find out how far long I was and I couldn’t look at the Ultra sound, i was so upset. I was five months and 1 week. The doctor said I had three options. Abortion, Adoption or keeping the baby. I wanted an abortion because I was so scared but first I had to know…was my baby healthy? Perfectly, she said. I was now left with the decision to kill a perfectly healthy, beautiful baby that could at this point, feel. I decided I couldn’t do it so my next choice was adoption or keeping him. I had to talk to my boyfriend and tell him I wouldn’t get an abortion, this was really scary because I love him so much and didn’t want him to leave me or be mad. He said, I don’t want the baby to be put up for adoption. and then he said: So we’re having a baby? and here I am 8 months and almost ready to hold my son Odin in my arms finally. I got a 3d ultrasound and couldn’t believe what I saw, a beautiful living baby inside of me, protected by me. I love feeling him kick and move around in me, I write him letters and prepare his clothes and everything. I can’t imagine how my life would be if I decided to kill him. It scares me. Sometimes I wish that I had waited a little while so I could have little Odin when I was older but he kept himself a secret for FIVE MONTHS! thats gotta mean something. Anyways, what I’m trying to say is BE BRAVE GIRL because you don’t know what you’re destroying and it could be the biggest mistake of your life. Your parents may be upset, your boyfriend may be upset but your BABY will ALWAYS love you and be so happy and thankful that you are there Momma. Think of all the poopy diapers, wakeful nights, scratched up knees and runny noses you’ll miss out on…It’s too good to give up, give life to your baby for you, give life to your baby for him or her. In the long run, you guys will make it through this and it will be ok. Good luck, I am always here if you need me.
                  Lots of love,


                    Baby girl… look i know how you feel… it is a crappy situation but it is your situation… and only you can make the decision.. if the father isnt going to be there that is ok… i never had a father for my first baby… and i went through it.. and my situation was one where i had a lot of pressure to get an abortion… but i didnt.. i am now so glad that i didnt. even tho my son is not with me i am still proud that i went through with the pregnancy… and you know what.. i was only 16 going on 17 when it happened… and i am now 19.. and i survived. and you can to.. and if you dont think that you can take care of your child the way you think that it should be taken care of… then honey.. do the baby a favor… dont kill it.. give it up for adoption.. i know that is a hard decision but it is a far cry from abortion…. and dont sweat your parents… they will be shocked but they wont go ballistic…
                    Stay Strong… not only for the baby.. but for you too… and you can do it without a daddy…
                    you ever need to talk email me..

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