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      I’m 17 years old & i came on my period last tuesday & began taking the pill, however i haven’t been taking it at the same time every day, buh does it matter, aslong as you take it? on the 4th day me & my boyfriend had unprotected sex & he came inside me & yesterday he came inside me twice, buh i forget to take the pill, only remembering at 12.30 at night this morning & i don’t know if i should take it again later for todays & i don’t know if i could be pregnant. my period lasted for about 6 days when normally it would only last about 3 or 4. i have finished my period buh every time we have sex a browny yellowy discharge comes out asif its a likle bit of blood, which has never happened. when i wipe sometimes the same discharge is there even tho i’m not on which never happens neither, my period was much lighter & almost like spotting some days, & peope have comented that my boobs are getting bigger & they feel much heavier aswell & look different. i don’t know how soon the pill starts to work, bcos someone told me that it takes 2 weeks to actually start kicking in, so could i be pregnant if my boyfriend comes inside me after only a couple of days of starting the pill? please help me, i don’t know who to talk to this about & i don’t know if its just a side effect of the pill.i’m starting to worry.


        I’m sorry I’m not sure if you were saying this is your first time you’ve been on the pill, ever?? If it is, and you had your period on the 10th of March as well as began your pills….you would have only been on the pill for 4 days, and had unprotected sex?? The pill does not affect your body that quickly to be safe from conception. But since it was only 4 days after your period started, you probably had not ovulated yet. What worries me is that you continued to have unprotected sex while forgetting to take your pill, even as recently as yesterday. You are trying not to get pregnant and making decisions concerning your body and sex that could change your whole life and you’re not even clear about how to use the pill.

        From the dates you’ve given, you are on day 2 since your period stopped (if it lasted 6 days it ended on the 15th). Typically, ovulation can take place anywhere from day 7- 13 of the cycle after the period ends. This will vary from each woman, but if you have been missing pills you should not be having sex with your boyfriend if you want to prevent pregnancy. Even if you had not missed any pills, birth control can fail anyway. Not having sex with your boyfriend, abstaining, is the only sure way to prevent an unwanted pregnancy as well as preventing contracting a sexually transmitted disease. If you are not prepared to raise a baby right now in your life with your boyfriend, it doesn’t make sense to take the risk time after time when you’re with him.

        Just make a committment to oneanother and promise to wait until you are married. It’s easy to give in to pressure when you’re in a situation where you’re together and alone, but think about this……what will it hurt if you waited? Would he leave you for another girl? Then he truly didn’t care for you to just give up that easily. Then you would’ve exposed his true character and saved yourself from a possible problem in the future. But…..if you continue to have sex, while trying to keep track of your period, pills, and dates, and trying to remember when were you unprotected while missing a pill here and there……and come to find out your pregnant, and he decides he doesn’t want this and walks out on you when you tell him…… that moment, you will look back and say, “I wish I had just said NO, I want to wait until we’re married.”

        My advice to you is to NOT have sex with your boyfriend starting today and tell him why!! TELL HIM YOU MAY BE because then he may respect the fact that he could get you pregnant if he continues to have unprotected sex with you since you’ve missed taking it regularly. It may be a wake up call to him as well if you share with him what is going on. It may cause him to decide he wants to wait to have sex until marriage.

        Wait until your period on April 10th, and if you are late then get a pregnancy test taken. A blood test is the most accurate. You should not continue to take the pill as it could harm the baby if you are pregnant. Don’t take them with the slightest chance that you could be pregnant. Therefore, you will have to stop having sex because you will definately get pregnant. Even if you choose another form of protection, there are plenty of young girls on here who can tell you that their other form of birth control failed and now their either pregnant or raising a baby now.



          hey yes the pill takes 2wks to kik in, in that time u can become preg, u have to take it the same time everyday n if u forget to take it then the next day u should take the 1 u missed plus the one for that day, the only thing im confused about is weather u wer already on the pill wen u got ur period, if so, then the pill mus be makin it heavier and the pill has sum side effects like weight loss or gain n tender breasts etc maybe it u body adjustin to the pill…. hope iv helped


            thanks for the advice:) no this was my first time of starting the pill n i was unshure what i was doing as you can probs tell. i have now read about it tho. myangelsinheaven, i took the pill. i wasnt shure if i should carry on taking it even tho there is a very strong possibility that i could be pregnant if my boyfriend comed in me 3 times after less than a week of starting it?:s buh if i am not pregant then could i start it back straight away once i have found out im not? if i am pregnant tho i duno what im going to do. how soon should i wait before taking the test? do i have to wait till my next period or will it be too soon to tell if i took it now? should i wait 2 weeks from the saturday that we did it? πŸ™


              okay, so things have been abit weird just lately. as ya’know my bf comed in me on the 5th day of starting the pill, twice on the 7th day & then once on the 11th day. ive been told that it takes 14 days to actually start working properly, buh only if you take it correctly otherwise it will take longer to work. i haven’t been taking it at the same time every day & then i missed a few pills aswell before the 14 day mark. buh my mum said ta me today that the pill starts working a day after taking it, buh i don’t believe that it would work this quickly the first time you start taking it? i’m supposed to come on my period on the 7th april, buh i came on a littul more than 2 weeks early. at first it was just a littul bit of blood after sex buh then no actual period, then there was streaks of light red blood in my discharge, then like a day or two after he comed in me on the 11th day when i wiped there was blood there. no bleeding for about a day then i noticed i was bleeding lightly & it was dark browny colour, buh it has now gone a very bright red & is more than spotting buh not like my normal period. i don’t understand what is happening, is this a sign that i’m pregnant or is it a side effect of the pill? should i wait till my ”real period” is missed then take a test? please someone help me, i really need advice quick. my dad recons it might be implatation bleeding, buh it is more than spotting? i feel abit sluggish lately & getting headaches aswell as the feelings before in my last posts.


                I’m sorry, I disagree with your mother, the pill will not prevent pregnancy that quickly. You would have to be on it for atleaast 2-3 weeks for it to be effective, atleast somewhat!! Women can become pregnant even while on the pill, especially if they’ve missed so many as you have.

                If you had sex within two weeks of your period ending, and your pills were not being taken regularly, you may be pregnant. As far as the implantation bleeding, I’ve heard that it can cause bleeding but I’ve never used any birthcontrol devices. It sounds however, that you have messed your cycle up a bit, by stopping and starting your pills.

                My best advice for you, please listen carefully, DO NOT CONTINUE TO HAVE SEX!! Your parents don’t seem to mind that you’re having sex and are even advising your use of contraception. Also, if you are trying to prevent pregnancy, you’re going to an awful lot of trouble trying to prevent it, but very poorly. You will end up pregnant unless you stop having sex. It is only a matter of time and what you and your parents are fearing may happen, will actually happen.

                You will have to decide for yourself whether you want to continue this way, or start making better choices about your relationship. If a baby is so unwanted by you and your parents…then why involve yourself in the act that creates one?? Loving a young man is not wrong…..but giving to much of yourself too soon has some lasting consequences that will change your life forever. You can love and respect oneantoher, and commit yourselves to waiting for the right time for marriage and children.

                For now, I would wait until you are atleast 5 days late for your period, and then go get a blood test done. They are more accurate than the home tests and the hormone shows up in your system very quickly after your period is late. Then, if you are not pregnant… could possibly talk to your parents and boyfriend and decide if you want to continue going through the worry of being pregnant, having to take so many pills and possibly harming your body, knowing you’re not yet in a committed relationship and still so very young. Is this really how you want to live?? Some side effects of the pill are nausea, headaches, restlessness, as well as a sluggishness, spotting and cramping. So it is hard to say whether your symptoms are associated with your period coming on early (like you said, it came on 2 weeks earlier once) or if they are related to your irregular pill use.

                If you are pregnant…then you obviously have some mature decisions to make and you will have to be strong. There will be a lot of emotions overwhelming you at that point and I pray that you will accept your baby and not be pressured to abort it by your family or boyfriend. Just so you know now, there are other options instead of murdering a helpless baby. We can help guide you in the right direction if you come up pregnant….but just in case you cannot get online after the test…..Abortion is not the answer!!! There are many other young girls who have become pregnant and are lost as to where to turn. They have found help and support and decided to keep their baby and even finish high school, and are now proud young mothers who are making their life better for themselves and their little one.

                My prayers are with you,


                  Thankyou for your response πŸ™‚ right, well my “period” lasted for about 3 days when normally it would last about 6 days. It was just a few pinky red strings in my discharge after sex at first, buh then the next day I had dark brown discharge then later on in the evening dark brown bits of blood aswell. The next day there was nothing there, then the day after there was bright red or pinky not really like blood as it was slightly watery :/ then 3 days later on the 4th day I started having pinky beigey spotting for a couple of hours then it stopped. Buh like I only missed wun pill n that was on the 7th day n then about 5 days ta a week later this started happening, n I read that missing wun pill won’t really do anythink buh it’s if you miss more than wun n at this point I had only missed wun n it was about a week after starting the pill so I wouldn’t really expect break through bleeding that quickly, that’s why I’m suspecting implantation bleeding, I only missed more than wun pill when I started spotting n having this watery period then I stopped taking them incase I am pregnant as I didn’t wanna harm the baby in any way? I wouldn’t consider abortion anyway no matter what anyone thinks about me or says as I’d never beable to forgive myself n ino it’s gonna be hard cos me n my rents keep having arguments n my dad is gonna chuck me out today so that meeks staying with my boyfriend. I’m just so upset n feel so alone right now. I don’t wanna say ote to my boyfriend bout this cos I’m afraid that he’ll leave me n he really is all that I have. :'(


                    okay, so I am now 3 days late for my real period & have really bad pains in my lower back buh just on my left side, feel bloated, headaches, & just achey all over really, feel sick on and off, I feel like I just wanna cry all the time & although I am going through some rough patches at the moment, I just wanna cry for no reason like :/ does this sound like I’m pregnant, from what happened before an all? I’m really scared & feel so alone & upset on what to do, advice please? x.


                      just take a pregnancy test NOW, so if you are pregnant you can get help and advice on what to do next. take a test please….


                        You could get a home pregnancy and test now, but going to get a blood test is more accurate. You should have enough hormone built up for it to read correctly. Symptoms of a period can be very painful and even mimic early pregnancy sypmtoms, but you will never know for sure until you get that test.

                        You are never alone; there are a lot of young girls who have been where you are now. Please don’t feel pressured to make any quick decisions if you are pregnant. Those are usually the wrong decisions to make. (when your pressured or under stress) Take your time and think things through and stay in touch with this site. We can help guide you, but you will have to be strong to make your choice to stand up for your baby if you are pregnant.

                        God bless,

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