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      so i’m 15 and me and my bf have only been dating for a little over a month and we love eachother alot…we’ve dated before though…we have had sex acouple of time and he’s only busted in me once…the first couple of times we have had sex i was late on my period and it kinda scared us both…but i got it and on the last day of my period we had sex and thats when he irst busted in me…of course him being nice asked me if he culd and i said yeah go ahead. well idk ive been feeling dizzy and not myself. my mom know that we are dating but my dad doesn’t and i live with my dad so if anyone could give me a little advice or alot that would help a lot…i can’t really talk to anyone in my family about this thanx those of you that can help me.


        Hi, Jenny.

        If you’ve been reading the other posts on this site, i guess you now know that even if your boyfriend didn’t come inside you, there was already semen involved. Once a guy is hard and ready to have sex, there is always the danger of sperm being included in the guy’s natural lubrication.

        I really hope and pray that you aren’t pregnant. If you aren’t, please stop having sex. This may sound corny to you but if he really loves you, he won’t risk getting you into trouble. He will respect your saying no. If you like having sex (who doesn’t after all) learn to control it. I wasn’t able to so I know how hard it is but please try.

        Lastly, don’t consider your Dad’s strictness to be just a way of ruining your fun. IN my country we kinda believe that guys are given girls for children so that they can get scared out of their wits knowing that there are guys out there who are just like them. Your dad probably doesn’t know how to express his love for you in ways you want and need. Most fathers are like that. Regardless of that though, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. He actually cares so much about you.

        Try to talk to him once in a while. Tell him what you care about, what pisses you off, whatever. He cares and he doesn’t have a clue sometimes of who you are. Most teenagers complain about that a lot without trying to inform their parents about themselves enough so they do end up understanding you.

        Jenny, you’re not even sure if you’re really going to last a long time with your boyfriend regardless of how you feel about him now. Your parents, however, will be there until they die. It may be a good time for you to get closer to them. If you think you can be a good parent, it can start by your getting pointers from your folks. If you think you’re an okay person, it’s because they had a hand in it. Give them a chance to hear you out and take care of yourself.


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