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      I’ve decided to keep my baby. And by keep, I mean raise, because my personal convictions are against abortion, and I don’t know if I could handle knowing someone else is raising my child. All I have to do now is tell my parents and friends…surprisingly, my almost-boyfriend is very supportive (even though he’s not the baby’s father), told me he loves me no matter what I do, and will support me through all of it. The baby’s father said he will be there and support me no matter what as well. But I’m scared to death of telling my parents. They’re both Christians, as am I, and I don’t know how they’ll handle the news. Any advice?


        I am so glad that you are going to keep your baby!
        It’s great that your almost bf and your ex are both supporting you!
        Since your parents are Christians, may I assume that they are against abortion?
        I think that I already listed some ideas of how to tell your parents in a different post for you, but you can go through the “personal experiances” forum and look at the different advice that other girls got under subjects like “Telling the parents” “How to tell them” etc.
        Let us know when you tell your parents and how it goes, ok? Hugs!


          wow thats so good u r gonna keep your baby =] good on u hun! how far gone r u? ur parents may resent it at first but as soon as they see that lil baby born and healthy they will regret everything they ever said & wll support u no matter what…jt sit them down and tell them!!


            Im glad ur keeping it:). I hope everything works out for u! And I hope u have a healthy baby. Im sure your parents will be ”upset” but I think every parent would be upset. I would be upset if I had a daughter and she got pregnant young. But what they got to understand is you are pregnant. You cant go back in time. The reality is your pregnant with a real living thing and u need all the support u can get:)

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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