So what I’m young?

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      I am fifteen and I have a beautiful daughter whom is at the moment 10 1/2 months. She is everything and more to me. Her father and I couldn’t imagine life without her. So whats the catch right? Well I am FIFTEEN and some people like to throw that in my face. At first it hurt, oh believe me it hurt so bad. I would come home and cry. Untill I was about 7 months pregnant and my boyfriend sat me down and explained to me and opened my eyes. Yes, I am a young mom, but that doesn’t mean I can’t take care or love my child just as well as a 30 year old woman. And now that she is born, I have relized that it doesn’t matter what people say. I made my bed and now I am laying in it. I have not once been so happy in my life! I never knew how good a baby can make you feel when they lay their head on your chest at the end of the day right before you sing them to sleep. I never knew how much a kiss that contains everything from mashed up peas to drull could mean so much. What most people that don’t have children don’t understand is that no matter your age you are capiable of doin things most older moms can. Yes, we go through more struggles and more critism…but what doesn’t make kill us only makes us stronger.


        I agree with you, children are a blessing and being a good mom doesnt depend on age…I also believe that unmarried girls especially those who are not old enough to work a job or drive a car should wait to have kids….if a girl ends up in a crisis pregnancy keeping the baby is the best way to go….they are life changers and they grow you up…not to mention the joy they bring…but….to all the girls out there trying to conceive please wait….just because babys are wonderful and just because so many of us have made it through pregnancy, birth, and bills please dont take it as condoning….it is always best to bring a baby into a happy healthy stable marriage….I wish I would have had the patience to provide that for my kids…but I also didnt get pregnant on purpose…for all of you out there who choose to keep your babies even at a young age big thumbs up, you are troopers and you loved your kids enough to let them live even when the world or your boyfriends or your families told you to kill them….but to all the girls out there wanting to or trying to conceive….show your love for you future kids by waiting until marriage to bring them into the world…..Meg


          Girl you are too right about that!! I was 13 when I got pregnant!! I heard so many things!!
          -What is a 13 yr old doing pregnant?? Why she even having sex!!
          -People call me all kinds of names..but I got pregnant the first time I had sex!!
          Kids at my school have sex all the time but I’m the ho cause I got pregnant!!

          I hate when people assume cause you are young thats TOO young to be a mom!! Sometimes it’s a struggle, but for the most part I live fine with my daughter!! I don’t know every teenage mother’s story but mine is simple!! I love my baby and her daddy!! But it wouldn’t be possible without me mom!! If she wasn’t here I have NO clue where I would have been!! Sometimes I feel like saying,"If you don’t know shut up!" But I don’t!! Cause I, a 15 yr old mother, am the bigger person!! And that satisfies me!!



            I totaly agree! I love my daughter and wouldn’t trade her for the world, and I didn’t plan on getting pregnant, but she straightned my life up, ALOT! If you want children and you truely love your future kids, please wait untill marriage. Me and my boyfriend wished we had gotten married, but we didn’t want to be the same old teens who got married bc they got pregnant. We are still together and plan on getting married soon. I have decided not to have sex UNTILL we are married. Please reconsider "planning" a baby before the ring and wedding and a stable job comes…it will make things less stressful!


              You are TOTALLY right…i have to agree with you completely…just because we are young doesnt mean that we cant be just as good a mother as any older woman that walks by…dont worry about the criticism…its always goin to be there for young moms…just pack it up and keep goin honey and dont worry about what any one has to say about it….
              —Love Samantha


                I wanted to give my two cents on this since I’m ancient compared to most of you. 😛

                I was 18 when I got pregnant with my first son. I remember the looks and the questions and the comments. My husband and I worked our butts off to make sure our son was healthy, dressed decent, well fed, and loved. Now, I’m 36 and my "baby" is 17 and a senior in high school. I also have my "little man" who’s 12, and guess what…I want a girl too, so now I’ll have to see the same looks only this time they’ll think I’m too old! I’m hoping to adopt, and I’m already getting the questions about why I want to start over, if I think it’s fair to my boys, and if I should just wait on grandkids. So, no matter what age you are, you’ll have some people making comments.


                  well said girls… it seems like you have ur head on your shoulders and you know what u want in life. Thats true that age doesnt depend on someone being a good mum..i have seen girls older than me that dont have a damn clue what they are doing.. i had one even ask me "am i meant to have checkups when im pregnant" its just common sense!
                  Good luck for the rest of your pregnancy darlz

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