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      hello :),

      im in a good mood and i thought i would post a thread completely off like every subject on this website.

      i had my hair dyed today :),

      my roots were extremely bad aswell so im glad i had it done.
      it is black with a tint of red- the red really stands out when the sun or light is shining on it!

      but the thing is, i let my friend do it.
      ive always had it done in a salon or by a professional.

      but she done it really well- so chuffed with it.
      except the dye on my head, we were mucking about and she got it on my forehead 😐 aha.

      oh and i totally love transforms!!

      lots of love,
      bernie x


        Your hair sounds awesome!


          Your hair sounds great!I love everything with a touch of red!
          I think its awesome! And changes are good..I was a blondy for 15years..then I colored my hair red πŸ˜€ in the meanwhile(past 4 years) I got back to all sorts of brown,but now I’m back to fits to me.

          I think that touch of red in your colour will make you feel good,I belive that red gives away positive vibes πŸ™‚

          You can totally get the colour out of your skin with ashes,I usually do it with the cigarett ashes.

          sophia roses mummy

            berni πŸ™‚ your hair sounds g8! i dye mine quite abit its naturaly a mousy blond but i dye it a lighter blond and i have been dark brown before wich i fort i would hate but i really liked it πŸ™‚ and i wana go a blacky redy colour next πŸ™‚ and i will prob end up dyeing it back to the colour it is now bcoz i think its the best one thats verry verry near my natural colour and i love it πŸ™‚
            put some pics up of your new hair πŸ™‚

            love you girly xxxxxxx


              Haha my hair is naturally strawberry blond and I want to go a little more red. People keep telling me to leave it the way it is because it’s beautiful and I’ll never be able to get it back to my natural color. But I think a change would be nice and give me a boost of confidence, which I desprately need.


                Hey girlie, I just bleached out my whole head and dyed it bright red! I’ve had it like that for awhile, I love it, it’s like Ariel the mermaids hair lol.

                And Optimus Prime is more my type πŸ˜‰

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