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      I am 14 weeks pregnant and 17years old and so scared. The baby’s father and I have decided to keep the baby finnaly which is good because when we first found out I was pregnant he tryed to force me into getting an abortion. We are no longer together but have decided to keep in close contact to make everything work out for the baby, The worst part is though is that I still have to tell my parents, I know that my mother will try to make me have an abortion even though I don’t live with her. I live with my dad and I know that he will support me but I also know that he is going to be extreamly disappointed in me because I graduated yesterday accualy and he expects me to travel around and then to go to school and make somthing for myself. I still want to go to school and everything.

      I don’t know how I am going to tell him and if anyone has any ways or experiences in telling their parents that would be so helpful.



        the best way is to just be honest. and the sooner you tell them the better. maybe write a letter and leave it where u know he will find it… my family saw me as the good lil girl who could be anything she wanted until i got pregnant so they were all disappointed but now ive finished skool and can still be anything i want so theyre all happy and proud again. maybe show him this site and show him all the stories of the amazing girls on here! =)


          Hi, Candy.

          First off, just tell your dad. One thing most children don’t realize is that when their parents throw a fit over things like this, they’re disappointed of course but not completely with you. I’m 36 and I hyave two daughters, one is four years old and the other three. When us parents hear of the failings our children get into, one of the reasons we get mad is because we were so powerless to help you and that we weren’t able to do anything to shiled you from pain. Understand that if you will be willing to to take a bullet for your baby, your folks will be willing to do the same for you. It’s just they don’t know what type of bullet they have to take for you this time.

          If your dad is anything like me, he’d be dying inside now because he is so proud of you and thinks that his little baby girl is in so much pain. Understand also that most dads don’t know how to show their affection and this may be a problem for him just to show you that though he’s disappointed, he still loves you so much.

          This is such a difficult time for all of you. Be patient for all of you.

          You’re just 17. Show your dad that this baby is such a big blessing. You can start travelling with your baby in what, two-three years? You’ll just be twenty by then. No big deal. You can’t think that the world is bearing down on you. This is really the start of a new life and what you’re going through is nothing but "birth pangs".

          Whatever you do, DO NOT GET AN ABORTION. This situation of yours has moved away from being an issue of choice. There is an innocent life inside you that you have to respect and, frankly, you’ve been given to take care of. There are so many there who can give genuine help to you without hurting your baby.

          Lastly, don’t get the abortion for your own sake. My wife got one a long time ago because when she got pregnant with our second baby, I was with somebody else (asshole that I am, I know) and didn’t want another baby that could ruin what I thought was the relationship that I wanted.

          Everytime that I see a ten to eleven year old girl, I know that I’m supposed to have one and that my two daughters and my twelve year old son are supposed to have another sibling. I have regretted that decision and so does the woman who bore all my chidlren — my wife of now seven years. All we can do know is pray for our daughter and honor her with the life that our family lives.

          Please stand your ground and keep away from abortion. You’re doing the right thing. Your dad will eventually understand. Just bear the fact that he will be angry but angry at himself and scared for you.

          Take care. You will be fine.



            hey hun, don’t be scared….just tell ur dad first if u know he will be supportive, and ur mom can’t force you into anything because it’s illegal…..and if it makes you feel any better i am also 17 and 21 wks pregnant, i’m 18 in april and due in june…i graduated early (in the 1st two wks of jan)….i was like you, scared to tell my dad (my mom pasted away 3 yrs ago) because he had once said he would force me to get an abortion if i ever got pregnant, but he took it better than i ever imagined..and my finace’s parents were excited to be grandparents…………but like i said, don’t be scared, just do it…no matter how dissappointed your dad may be he will not ever stop being there for you…..
            Good luck…..


              I went for my ultrasound today, it was amazing, now jsut to tell my dad i have no idea how to do it, do i just come out and be like hey guess what im pregnant or do i say it some other way, i really need to tell him tonight but i’m terrified

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