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      Finally i told my parents it was so hard, and sad, but i finally told them and theyre happy for me , and they gave me all their supprot, this was it…At 5 am i was so depresse planning to end with my life, and i went to the bathroom i started to cut a lil bit and then i realized that i didnt wanted to dye, that i couldnt do that, to me , my baby and my family so i started crying and then i started to feel dizzy icame out of the bathroom and there were my parents i continued cryiong without saying anything they noticed some blood in my wrist and they started to talk with me and i told them, they were worried that i was so depressesd but they were happy for my baby


        i am happy your family supports you that is always good to have……you should look at the bright side you are going to have a beautiful baby that will love you no matter what…….best wishes


          Hey that good to hear that u told ur parents and that they are going to support and that you spared ur life everyone get depressed from time to time but that a part of life continue to stay strong best wishes to u and your baby


            you should be very happy that ur going to have a baby into such a loving family, if ur parents are happy that ur going to bring a new life into the world then you should be very happy that they aren’t being unreasonably angry or ne thing like that…..just keep that in mind…..
            remember there are people who love you and will help you….
            good luck hun

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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