So nervous!! Do you belive im pregnat??

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      Okay so i’ve been thinking im pregnat since oct 28. Unlike most people, my mom has always told me my periods were irregular since her’s was and my her mom’s was. So she never took me to an “girl doc” nor have i been to one! Since auugest i’ve been trying to calculate my periods, so far so good. Back to the point, Halloween was my estimated guess since so far its came on a pattern, but the story gets even more confussing. already 3 days later, i expecting 2 pregnat lines none. Next day this brown stuff came out during class and then later on that night it was light red. The next two days it got redder then the rest of the time it was on and off for like a half a day for the next 3 days. then for two days after that it was tiny tiny drops! wtf? my period is no longer then 5 days i’ve know that forever! i FEEL PREGO! but like i wondr when should i take another test since a week after the bleeding it said negative. Plus im growing i wear a 3 and all my clothes are tight and my pants i can’t even sit down with them buttoned! please help me girliez!!!! -:kiss: Jasmine!! look at the pic my belly a is bigger now!


        i hear u on this one for sure! i took a test tonight and it said negative.. my periods last no more than 6 days.. i had pink blood at first like nothing.. then brownish color the next day.. then red, then brownish, then stopped.. and i had a little red color one last day. but my period only last 3 days. i wore a size 3 as well and now im up to a 5 i believe.. i cant sit down either unless i un button my pants. my stomach always feels like im about to a have a full blown period but its not happening. ive been experiancing this for a month. since my last period. was on oct. 25. my boobs have grown my belly has grown. im always flipping tired.. i have heart burn from any thing. my lower back hurts my eyes hurt some times. i have shortness of breathe some times.. and when i eat i get full way too fast.. i only ate half of a sandwich today and like a freaking peanut butter and jelly one. i pee alot too!

        are u experiancing any of this? cause my boy friend thinks im crazy. or my body is screwed up. ive never been late on periods. never had a period like this. idk if i should even call it that.

        some one please help us out!!!


          GET A TEST!!! To me it sounds like your pregnant…that’s what happened with my first pregnancy…before I lost the baby. JUst all I can say is get a test.


            Get another test done but this time-blood! A blood test will tell u for sure. IT’s the only one to tell u the positive truth.

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