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      I had my daughter in December and I got my period back in February. I started the ring when it started and I figured that would keep me regulated, but now I’m coming up on being a week late which I wouldnt worry about if I wasn’t on birth control. I’ve always cramped a lot on bc but I havent cramped at all now. I took a pregnancy test yesterday just to be sure (oh that would be rough for us!) and it was negative.

      So my question is if anyone has started their period whenever after giving birth and then it went away. I especially wanna know if it happened and you were on b/c.

      Thanks ladies!
      Mommy to Faith 3 months


        im sure u figured this out by now but you’re sposed to start the ring a week after your period


          I had a c-section in feb, and I got my period is march, I was on the patch and I didnt get my period in April and I was so worried, But I got my period this week, so Im not worried, after giving birth, your hormones need to adjust, so I wouldnt worry if I were you, especially since you are on birth control ( if you breast feed thats a bonus). Good luck

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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