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      ok, so last week i found out that i was like 5 1/2 weeks pregnant. I’m 20 years old and i’ll be 21 in june. I was shocked needless to say. I took a home pregnancy test because i had been feeling weird…u know like not your normal self; i took the test and i only saw one line! i was so relieved…until i saw the faint second line right next to it. I dropped the test and thought my world was going to crumble to the ground. I called my boyfriend( he’s 22, and will be 23 in April) whom i have been dating and living with for about a year now. I was terrfied, however he handled it fairly well. i told him i was going to go the the planned parenthood and have the results confirmed. I called my best friend she went with me and held my hand. The nurse did another test and not to my suprise that one was also positive. I had been taking my birth control and doing so good! and then i just stopped caring to many things started happing in my life and that was always the last thing on my mind. If i did take it was 2 days after i was suppose to and and the wrong time of the day. I was given all these brochures on the choices i could make because i was only at 5 1/2 weeks. The nurse also asked if i had insurance…i had nothing…no health insurance no dental nothing! she gave me a card and told me to call the phone number on it; i would be directly connected to a prenatal family plan advocate who could get me on my states health care paln. After taking in all this info i was stunned…left speechless. I wanted an abortion or at least that was what i was feeling at the time. I was given a pamphlet on abortion and the clinics in my community one of the clinics accepted the state insurance plan. Long story short Im on my states health plan, made an appointment at the abortion clinic, but my boyfriend and i are now second guessing what to do. He just got is dental asst. certification, works full time at a dental office plus goes to school and is now working on his Bachelors. I work at a furniture store where everyone is like family and supports whatever i do. I want Allen to finish school because he wants to be a dentist. I want to be able to help him but we just dont know what to do anymore. He supports me but has mood swings like i do and does nothing but shake from hypertension because he wants to help and be my back bone. We could probably have the baby but we would be finacially unstable and Allen would have to stop school for a while, and i would have to stop working full time. We dont really qualify for any of our state offered family help plans because "we make to much"…thats a bunch of b.s.! We have a week to decide the our future together. We know that we want to get married and have kids together….just not right now…i’m so confuessed and emotional about everything. please help;
      Micah Lynn


        Hi – I’m Lisa and I am from the Stand Up Girl website. I am desperately typing this e-mail to you to encourage you … please choose life.

        I’ve been down the abortion road before and I can just tell that you have the heart of a beautiful mother. Please don’t let the fear of the unknown cause you to decide the fate of your unborn child.

        You have sooooooooooo many girls at this site that will STAND WITH YOU and encourage you to take a Stand for the life of your baby. Because once you take a Stand – guaranteed – it will be so much easier from this point forward. See – I think that often times when we are trying to ‘decide’ or aren’t quite sure what to do – it makes it seem so much more difficult.

        But once you take a Stand – I think that even the father of your baby will Stand with you. You have a beautiful baby boy or baby girl inside of you right now that depends on you, mommy, for his/her very life. Abortion will not make your baby go away. Abortion only allows the life of your baby to be replaced with pain, regret, remorse and guilt. Please if you’d like some free help, I have a website and a toll free number that you can call and they would LOVE to help you through these steps of life. Please … take a Stand for the life of your baby. Be a Stand Up Girl.

        I always say – "It’s not always easy to be a Stand Up Girl, but it is always worth it!"

        800-395-HELP (4357)

        Please – let us know how you are. I’d also like to copy a link for you. It’s my most favorite photo and it will amaze you:

        Isn’t that amazing!

        Please, let me know how you are. OK? You can even send me an e-mail at the website. OK?

        Luv Lisa


          I think the fact that you are even questioning it shows that you have the heart of a mother. Your boyfriend will understand. You guys have established a relationship.Trust me, your love for your baby will make things that seem impossible possible. Follow your instincts on this one, Lady 🙂


            When I found out I was pregnant neither my boyfriend nor I made enough money to even move out of our parents’ homes. We thought we’d be kicked out too. It came as such a relief to know that my parents would support me while my bf finished school and got a job, so we could have enough money to get married. It’s a very very hard place to be, but every time I see my little boy smile, I know it’s worth it. I’m sure you’ll feel the same way. Hang in there.

            gina lynn

              it sounds like you are not that badly off. i think you should keep your baby, trust me you will not regret it, a baby is such a blessing, it would shange your life for the better. i am a single mom, 20. i no what your going thru, when i found out i was pregnant i had to take a leave of absense from school, and my boyfriend left and moved to another state, but i choose to keep my baby, and it was the best decision i ever made. he is now three months old and i love him to death. (look at my pictures) you can still work full time until your at eight or nine months along and too tired, thats what i did. sure your bf will have to stop school temporarily to work, but he cab always go back and finish later. bottom line, you will not regret it if you keep the baby, you will be so happy. i’ll pray for you.

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