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      ok so me and my boyfriend had sex multiple times around the time i would ovulate with no protection only pulling out. I have been feeling weird. Im extremely tired, stomach aches( which i never get) headaches, shooting pains in my boobs, bloating, and prolly tmi but a lot of white discharge( already know its not an infection) my period isn’t due for 5 days and i know all i can do is wait but its hard! i hate the waiting game! what do you guys think?


        ok hon, deep breaths.
        first of all, even if he pulls out, you can still get pregnant.
        now usly i get thos symptoms just before i start my period, sometimes sex can make your period come faster, at least thats what i hear… the white discharge, alot of girls have that to. no big deal. but if you think you might be pregnant, and your period is due in 5 days, you can take a test. theere are tests that detec pregnancy 5 days befoer your expected period.
        but jsut don’t stress about it k? cause it will fell like longer, and you could hold off your period.
        Personly, i think you should take a test, and keep me posted 🙂

        *good luck honny ! *



          I just want to clarify that sex does not bring your period faster but it can actually delay your period longer, sex can actually delay your period for 9 months….sorry for the joke there, Couldn’t resist the opportunity there…LOL…anyways on a more serious note it is true that sex can delay your period and it is a very irresponsible thing to do to have sex a lot to try to make your period come on faster, if you are not pregnant then having sex right before your period could get you pregnant as many women are most fertile right before…I would suggest refraining from sexual contact at least until you know whether or not you are pregnant that way you avoid becoming pregnant in the meantime…if you are not in a spot where you are stable and ready for a child I would suggest refraining from sex until marriage as that is the best time to welcome a child…Love Meg


            you can take a test as soon as 10-14 days after you had sex you dont have to wait for ur perioud to be late or not


              a follow up
              I ended up getting my period last month and it was 5 days late… Now this month my period is 10 days late and today when i wiped i had pink on the toliet paper. And have had it a few times throughout the day when i go to the bathroom? could this be implantation bleeding? I feel very sick to my stomach but not cramping?


                I think you can get all the anwers you looking for by contacting a doc and let him know whats going on good luck and take care.


                  obv you have irregular periods…stop stressing and thinking your pregnant and just go get check out hun stressin can delay your period so just be chilled 🙂

                  if it happens it happens if it dont it dont

                  live life!
                  you only can once.


                    First off, you are obviously not ready for a child if you are this stressed about it. Therefore… you really should look into birth control options. I do think your periods are very irregular and that you are stressing yourself out way too much. Stress can delay a period along with several other things. Calm down and get checked out.

                  Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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