so i might be?

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        u sound like i may be preg….i suggest taking another HPT, and if it comes back negative then go to ur doc because u maybe preg and the HPT just can’t pick it up..or u may be sick or something……


          u have all the sypmptoms of early pregnancy reading that list makes me feel like i’m listening to myself complain before i found out. i’m six and a half weeks and i feel all those and more. you can get neg. and still be pregnant it happens all the time. wait a few days, take FIRST RESPONSE early pregnancy test it can detect only 4 miu/ml of hcg, which usually the amount a pregnant girl may have 4 days before her expected period. seriously, buy an early pregnancy test u may have taken a standard pregnancy test that detects atleast 100 miu/ml in which you don’t have enough by now. good luck<3


            now im 2 weeks late so i took another test and it still came back neg. i still dont feel well. the reason im worried is because i had a friend that was preg and took about 10 test and they all came back neg. she didnt find out till she was 12 weeks and having a m/c. is there anything else i can try? bc i cant really go to the doc. i cant afford it unless i absolutly have to go. so if there are any suggestions to what i can do would greatly appreciate it!


              id take a HPT and either way see a doctor


                Hey, some times the test’s are wrong. I think you should take another one or go to your doctor… Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                  I agree that you should not skimp when it comes to the pregnancy tests. Get early responce with easy read… Just wait a day or two then try again, that’s what I had to do… I am 5 weeks and I experienced exhaustion as well. Also I have been turned into a chocolet fiend!!! LoL usually I just have a square once in a while, although I am partial to sweets anyway.

                  ANYWHO iF you want to or can you can get a blood test to check for pregnancy, they can tell from Two weeks along! Those are a little more definate. Good Luck… 😉


                Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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