So, I am currently 5 days late for my Cycle.

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      Hello all.

      Well I will first start by saying I am currently 5 days late for my Cycle. It was due on September 12th. The first day of my last menstrual was August 6th. I am now 41 days past….I have been on time since March with 37 days inbetween cycles start dates.

      I have been feeling pretty not like myself lately. Examples are…cramping, feeling sleepy in class, and just wanting to sit down or lay down all the time. I have been using the restroom alot..but then again I do this normally, so I can’t tell if it’s excessive.:blink:

      I took a HPT on the 13th, but it came out Negative. There are so many women out there who got the same negative but found out a month later that they were actually positive.

      How long should I wait until I take another test? Should I just take a blood test?


        I believe the idea is to wait a week before taking another HPT. If you really want to know for sure though, you should go get a blood test. 🙂 Make sure to let us know what ends up happening! 🙂


          do a blood test its much moreaccurate


            I think you should wait until next week and then take another home pregnancy test and if it comes out negative make a doctors appointment to find the root of the problem. Best of luck, Jessica

            I promise myself

              The best thing will be the blood test – but you can take another test a week after – and the symptoms start quite early in most cases.
              Best of luck let me know what happens!

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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