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      im 7 months pregnant jus got out of the hospital bcuz the baby is under stress n they think sumthings wrong with the placenta , when i get home i find out hes leaving me , the father … we’ve been together for a year , n he’s leavin me wen i need him the most …. he has another gurlfriend n has a personall blog i dunt no about … it sais he wants to have kids with her n there gettin a place. …… he was my everything … hoe can he do this to me expessially now … mypoor son !! hes so evil … im so hurt im breaking down somebudy please help me !!!????!!!??



        I’m really sorry this is happening to you. What I would suggest at this point may seem awkward to you but please consider going to your parents regardless of what you think their reaction may be. They will freak out, definitely but not for the reasons you may think. Don’t be so mindful of your pride right now and seek out their help.

        Once they get tired of freaking out, they will realize that they will help you. Consciously be blind to their little snide remarks. These things are just normal at this stage so don’t mind them too much.

        What you do need to do right now is to show them that you are being strong in this time and that you will do the right thing as to raising your baby. If they even give a hint regarding abortion, stand your ground and make it perfectly clear that you want to keep your baby.

        You can also seek out help from other places just in case your parents can’t help you all that much. Go to your church and ask for their help. Nuns don’t always get good reviews but that’s being unjust to them. You may want to give them a visit even if you may not be Catholic.

        If that BF of yours doesn’t want any part of you or your baby, that’s completely his loss. I can understand a guy realizing that he doesn’t care for someone but to turn his back on his son while wanting children with another woman is despicable. Don’t waste time on him anymore.

        A friend of mine told me this when my dad died: God won’t bring you to it if He won’t take you through it.

        Take care, honey.


          Stay strong and try not to get too stressed out, your baby can sense those things. Your baby will be here soon.Focus on that. When I had my baby, thats when everything started to make sense. My life had direction and meaning and I valued myself more than ever because I had this incredible, tiny person who depended on me entirely. This man DID NOT deserve you or your baby and probably will end up hurting this next girl the same way. Don’t settle and you will meet and incredible man that was made just for you when the time is right for you and your child. Stay strong Lady, and rest. This man doesn’t deserve your tears 🙁


            i agree with ericklirios. "God won’t bring you to it if He won’t take you through it."… just keep strong and hold on….if ur ex can do that do u he doesn’t deserve you!….there are more ppl out there than him who love you very much and you have to worry about that baby so don’t get too stressed out!….i wish u all the luck in the wrold….

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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