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      🙁 :angry: :ohmy: 👿 this is how i feel i need some advice from you girls here ok here we go as you all know i had a misc. 2 mo ago i have 6 kids n im married here the problem my husband told me last night not to come in his room n to get mt stuff n get the f@$# out. ok he works i dont he knows i have no $ now n he says hes tired of the way i act one min im happy n the next im mad well i found out he lied about something being acracted to certain people no hes not gay its a type of woman but hes always said since i was with him he didnt like this type of woman n i think he wants to mess with the girl up stiars or at his job im not totally sure but he tells me hes happy with me n than doest his he also has const. use of a comp at work so maybe hes talking to someone any advice from anyone:dry:


        Uh oh, sounds bad. This is my advice too you, DON’T GO OVERBOARD!! That meaning don’t start harassing him with jealousy and supsicion, that’ll drive him mental, if you gotta do some snooping then do it discreetly but don’t push him to the point where he can’t handle your constant suspicion, especially if he’s done nothing wrong. If it becomes painfully obvious that something is up, maybe confront him, but not in an intimidating or aggressive way, that’ll just make him aggressive right back. Don’t take immediate action until you are positive, believe me though it is hard, I have to bite my tongue when my boyfriend hugs his 3 year old daughters Momma and they say I love you too eachother when they leave. It hurts to hear but I know for a fact he’s not out having a secret affair with her or something ridiculous, it’s simply the way things work between them and I have to appreciate that. Anyways, approach this situation with extreme caution, don’t provoke an unnecassary attack unless things become obvious. Then again, it all depends on your own situation. Good luck


          things are a lil better we are talking now but no i dont trust him hes a man


            well now that it’s a bit better I’d say that you should try and do what you can to make sure it doesn’t happen again but make sure you prepare yourself just in case he just takes off one day. If there’s any sort of savings fund you can start or anything to better yourself should he take off then at least if he does you’re prepared.
            Let’s hope he smartens up!

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