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      Ok so now that I am pregnant I am super confused. I had a period January 19th. Then I thought I had a period Feb 15th. It was heavy the first day, stoped completly the 2nd and then was moderate the third. I am wondering if this could have been implantation bleeding. I thought that was supposed to be lighter than a period but its strange that it stopped completely. The reason I am so confused is that I was feeling symptoms strongly before implantation would have taken place if I did actually have a period in february. Also I took a pregnancy test (first respose early detection) 6 days before my next period and it showed up loud and clear. It’s not supposed to even work that early. I don’t know. When I was pregnant with my son it didn’t show on a test until 2 weeks after I missed my period. Most doctors won’t see you until you’re 8 weeks unless there is a complication. I’m so confused as to whether I am 3 weeks (and it showed up perfectly on a test- seems unlikely) or 7 which might explain why I feel so horrible. Anyone go through anything similar (pregnancy showing up this early on a test, STRONG symptoms in your 3rd week:sick: )? HELP:blink:


        Help anybody? I am still trying to get insurance sorted out so I can take a blood test…. anyone go through something like this. I understand implantation bleeding but I thought my period just became irregular, Now I’m not sure.


          Well I wouldnt stress out too much right now because you could misscarry. Every pregnancy is different your body may have handled it differently that the first so keep working on getting insurance and look for a pregnancy recourse center…alot of them have ultrasounds now and they are free. Make sure to start prenatal vitamins and take care of you and baby 🙂 let us know how it goes and if you need more advice……Meg

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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