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      so i AM pregnant..i havent seen a doctor yet though. and im really happy about this i really want this just afraid of a miscarriage because before i realized iwas pregnant i was smoking weed and what are the odds of a miscarriage? im like freaking out right now. the last time i spotted was mid-november. so i was thinkin im pregnant from then? i dont know. since then i probably smoked weed atleast 10 times..and ciggarettes..idk alot. i stopped now. i tried smoking a cigarette yesterday..i know bad..i was so stressed but after like 2 pulls i was like wtf am i doing. im just praying that my baby is ok.


        plus..i hardly had food in my body, id either hardly eat or make myself throw up. omg im so afraid right now. i really cant lose this baby..what should i do to lower the risks?


          To be honest, I am more concerned about your bulimia. You aren’t getting nutrients when you purge, so this will definitely have an affect on your baby’s development. Of course, smoking cigs/pot is not good either, but I don’t think past use would necessarily cause a future miscarriage. It might if you continued. When you go to the doctor, explain to him honestly what’s going on and ask for help. You’ll be given prenatal vitamins, but also the doctor may suggest certain nutrient-packed foods that aren’t great sources of fat if that’s a concern to you. Make sure you get folic acid and protein through foods and supplements. He may also give you some help tips on staying away from the cigarettes and pot, too. Good luck and if you need to talk about the bulimia (or anything), feel free to email me. My aunt went through her last pregnancy fighting anorexia/bulimia and I’ve had two kids myself (smoking [cigs] with one pregnancy).


            Dont stress. I dont agree with smoking weed and pregnant but i have seen ppl that have done it and harder drugs and the baby turns out fine but its good that you have now stopped.
            Good luck to a happy and healthy pregnancy.enjoy it!


              Well let me tell u I smoked black and Milds, weed and ciggarettes for along time. Even when I found out that I was pregnant I still did it. But I’ve slowed down because I don’t like the way they make me feel when I take a hit. My friend smoked week up until her 7th month but she stopped smoking ciggarettesand her daughter came out find. Now my ex friend smoked weed until her 4th month and everybody thinks something is wrong with her son because he soesn’t say mama or dada or things kids are supposed to say by the time they reach a year old. And he just turned one at the beggining of the week. So i guess that stuff affects certain ways, but if i was u to be on the safe side i would quit


                dont worry too much. im sure loadsa ppl on here did bad stuff before they realised they wer pregnant and ended up with perfectly healthy babies. the best thing to do is not to carry on doing it and ur being responsible from the sounds of it 🙂 u cant be harse on urself if u didnt know. and chances are that ur baby will be fine as long as the smoking weed/cigs stops 🙂


              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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