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      I’ve heard that its not good to sleep on your back when u are later in your pregnancy..Im at almost 28 weeks…and I always wake up on my back..????


        the only thing sleeping on your back does its puts more pressure on your spine from the baby …the most dangerous thing to do is sleeping on your stomach dont do it that can hurt the baby.the back really isnt that bad may cause more back pain then ud like but thats about it.


          i read in the book "what to expect while your expecing" that sleeping on your back makes you rest the entire weight of your uterus on you back, intestines, and on the inferior vena cava. this is the vein that returns the blood to the lower body. i hope this helps.



            the doctor did tell me too about the vein in your back, adn that sleeping on your back isnt the best idea cause it can interrupt blood flow.


              Yeah, i heard that sleeping on your back decreases blood flow to your baby,and that could be bad, but in my case i sometimes sleep on my back because i get back aches if i stay on my side for to long, so i only go to my back for a little while,but i make sure that i dont fall asleep that way because then i know that i will stay that way. But do like everybody else and just ask your doctor he/she should tell you everything you need to know. I dont enjoy sleeping on my side though. 😉 🙂

              gina lynn

                i read that its bad to sleep on your back, so i tried to sleep on my side every night, but i found it extremely uncomfortable, and i always woke up sleeping on my back, like you. dont worry too much, everything turned out fine for me, my baby was born perfectly healthy.


                    if you keep inding yourself on your back, my doctor told me to prop up a pillow behind your back and it wil take away some of the pressure off of your spine.

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