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      Help! i am 7 months pregnant and cant ever sleep at night because of only being able to sleep on my side. any suggestions? i also get restless legs and i know i cant take anything but its killing me to not sleep!!! help 🙁



        I am 8 months pregnant and also had plenty sleepless nights since 7 months! I will suggest you drink a glass of milk and eat a banana before you go to bed. But remember to empty your bladder too. Sleep preferably on your lefthand side since there is a very important vein running down your right hand side and you and the baby are "obstructing" it if you sleep onyour right hand side. So, best position – left hand side.:woohoo:
        Put 1 flat pillow under your belly and lay with the bottom leg (left leg) straight. Bend the right leg nice and high and put a high puffed pillow under your right leg so it does not rest partially on your belly, but only on the pillow. Then put a nice soft pillow for your head – not too flat. before you go to bed, let your hubby or mom rub your calf muscles, as well as your hip-muscles. Turn your ancles in sircular motions – different directions for a few minutes before you go to sleep.:silly:
        THen you must take nice deep breaths and try to relax every muscle in your body.:side:
        This is all us pregnant fairies can really do….further on…GOOD LUCK girl, just a tiny bit longer to go!!!! Its a million times worth it!!! The joys of being a mom!!!:P

        Love Yolly


          I sleep wih a pillow imbetween my legs, it really helps, i couldent slepp bu havin the pillow works try it, xxxx:)

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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