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      Okay, I’m not on any form of birthcontrol. I had sex with my new boyfriend while on my period. No condom, no pulling out. Could that get me pregnant? Anyone have any thoughts on that? Thanks.


        Unlikely but it is possible. Alot of women are at their most fertile around 2 weeks (on a 28 day cycle) before their next period is due, but some women are fertile at anytime of the month. I have heard of people getting pregnant through having sex while they had their period.


          don’t worry i did that it can’t happen although months on i’m 7 mths into my first pregnancy


            Well it is a slight chance it could happen but it happened to me with my first daughter, I wgot pregnant on prom night in 2003 and i was about to get off.


              You CAN get pregnant on your period it’s less likely but still completely possible! Everyone’s body is different it just depends on when you ovulate!


                It is possible that you could get pregnant..although the chances are lower.. but since you didn’t use any protection you should check..just wait a while and take a pregnancy test.. good luck and let me know what happens!


                  It is possible, because semen can live in the female body up to around seven or so days, and ovulation can occur very early in your cycle depending on how long your luteal phase is. I would wait until the time for your next period and if you don’t get one, or it’s not like it normally is, then test.


                    it could.
                    sperm can live in the vagina for maximum of 6 days.
                    you could get pregnant if u dont use protection.

                    why do u ask ??

                    the bets thing to do.. is wait until u miss a period… and then a day after… in the morning… take a home test,… if its positive.. ur pregnant.
                    if its negative… take 2 more over that week.. and see.
                    sometimes they are rong.

                    u may also want to get checked for STI’s… no offence.. but if he is "new"
                    well.. its just best to get checked.

                    the most accurate way of knowin if ur pregnant is to go to the docs… i had 3 negative tests at home.. and im 19 weeks pregnant on tuesday!

                    good luck! let me know!



                      u there is a chance u could get pregnant but not a very big one so there is no need to worry.


                        Yep i’ve heard of it happening. Its quite a common question that people ask and dont think it can happen but funnily enough it does.

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