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      i am pregrent and sick all the time is that normal i puck ten to fifeteen times a day or more what can i do to stop it


        It’s pretty normal to have morning sickness. What helps a lot is eating crackers as soon as you wake up. They help lessen the morning sickness big time, or eat them anytime of the day you have morning sickness. Good luck!


          hun it’s called morning sickness….there are things u can do..first in the morning u can eat something like crakers B4 u get out of bed, and have something to eat with lots of protein B4 u GO to bed….and as for the rest of the day keep ur blood sugar levels up, so just keep like some candy (or preggi pops, my friend swears by them) with u so when u start to feel sick u can get a quick, but not long lasting, fix…usually the morning sickness will go away on it’s own, but theres not much u can do but try and prevent it untill it does go away…


            hey thanks alot i did not know that they had preggi pops what are they


              they are these candies that help with the morning sickness…u can get them online or at any motherhood maternity store….


                yeah i have looked at them thanks


                  That is totally normal. Many women, well mostly all women throw up while pregnant, it is refered to as Morning Sickness. I am sure you have heard about it. Morning sickness doesn’t necessarly mean you only get sick in the morning…generaly you can get sick and puck any time of the day. Just eat crackers or bread right when you wake up and take it easy. Drink like flat soda, i heard that helps. Anyway, I hope your morning sickness subsides soon!!! Congradulations new mommy!!!!



                    …well my best friend just recently had a baby, and she had morning sickness REALLY BAD. Somewhat like what yor were decribing. She used to stuff her face with a thousand-hundred of those little saltine crackers evry morning. She used to vomit real bad during her first 5 months. I hope you start eating crackers!


                      another thing is if u cant keep anything down get checked for hypermesis..its rare but u could have it…ifu do theres alot of dangers to u and the baby that dr can help with plz get checked !!!!


                        yeah and i will get check i may have it what do they do for it if u have it? well i hope i get help soon


                          Hey Kayla…..

                          I posted a response on my thread too.

                          Weber was right when she said that it happens when your blood sugar gets too low… it gets so much worse when that happens. It’s truly a vicious cycle… the more dehydrated you get, the worse it gets.

                          As you know from my post, i was diagnosed with Hypermesis, I will tell ya though, it has gotten to be somewhat bearable… There is a drug that your OB can perscribe if it’s that bad, it’s Zofran, and without it I dont know where I would be. I am a small person to begin with, and lost 10 pounds. Our bodies r amazing though, they really do protect the baby. My baby is just fine, but it made me feel like pure hell.

                          I have also found that pepermint helps a bit as well, and B4 too…. I coult even take my prenatal vitamins, I was so sick, so once I got out of the hospital I started taking my kids flinstones vitamins, the gummie ones, my OB said that’s just fine as long as I am getting something. Anything that works right now, TRY it!

                          Hit me up if you wanna chat some more about this, being so sick I have sure learned a lot. I really hope you start to feel better soon.


                            hey well the thing is my blood sugar can not get low everytime i have been to the dr they tell me i have high blood sugar and stuff so yeah well please just write me back and i am keeping some stuff down and i did get checked for hypermesis and i have it so yeah now what is the next step


                              just make sure u do everything i mean everything the dr tells u. theres a girl on here momof2girls that had it when she was preg w her 2nd daughter u can talk to her and she can help you..i’ll talk to her and send me a personal email and i’ll send u her email if she says its ok and she can help u get through it..

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