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      Hi everyone… I was just wondering about something. As of today, I am 3 months pregnant, and they have been an extremely rough 3 months!! I’ve had constant morning sickness since roughly the 8th week of pregnancy, but it’s really not morning sickness, because it lasts all day. I never want to eat anything, and I’ve been told by everyone, including my doctors, that the sickness should pass by the end of the 1st trimester! But, here I am, and I’m still sick! They just put me on medicine to control the nausea about a week ago, and it’s definitely helping, but I’m still having alot of migraines…

      My main questions are:
      Could this sickness last through the whole pregnancy? Or does it always go away?
      Am I harming the baby by not being able to eat much food? Especially since I cannot have dairy products, they make me sooooo sick. Will the baby get enough nutrition?
      Any advice on the migraines? I’ve been taking Tylenol, my doctors said it’s the safest during pregnancy…

      If anyone has any advice, it is well appreciated!! Thanks.


        Well i hate to sound nasty, but yes its possible that it could last the whole pregnancy. For most women it eases off after the first trimester, but not all. I have known people to have it the entire pregnancy.
        I have heard that the baby will take what it needs nutritionally even when you are really sick. Some people lose weight in the first trimester, but this wont hurt your baby.
        Are you taking a pregnancy vitamin/supplement? These are packed full of all the good stuff babies need, and could ease your mind if you are worried about nutrition.
        Sorry, but no advice on the migranes. I was plagued by them in my pregnancy with my daughter, but nothing seemed to help me.

        Hope that helped a little!:)



          Sorry you’ve been feeling so bad lately! When I was pregnant, I was sick a lot throughout the whole pregnancy. I don’t say that to scare you, but I know that it isn’t fun. Here are some things that I learned though…

          Drink a lot! If you’re throwing up, you can get dehydrated easily, and that is terrible. I drank a lot of water, and fruit juice. I couldn’t tolerate milk either.

          Make sure that you’re taking your prenatal vitamins. That’s really important.

          Eat small meals more frequently, and snacks, instead of large meals. I kept crackers in my purse all the time! I found that if I let my stomach get totally empty, that I felt more nauseous. So eating a few crackers or something small even when I wasn’t hungry helped me feel better.

          Other than that, talk to your doctor about other concerns that you have. I know that being sick can really drain on you during your pregnancy, but just focus on doing what you can to take care of yourself. It will all be over with soon, and you’ll have a beautiful baby! 🙂



            Good luck – at least you know that you have lots of pregnancy hormones and that your baby is growing well!!!
            Keep ginger biscuits by your bedside table and before you even lift your head off the pillow in the morning, eat one. That helped a lt. You can also drink a juice with ginger in it – ginger helps a lt for feeling sick.But all in all, just appreciate the feeling – its a sign of a healthy growing baby. Justy think of your little one inside of you and get yourself to eat something…that baby really need you t do it!
            Love , Yolly


              Well im not as far along as you and probably wont be of much help but I read about something like that and you should be fine as long as you take your pregnancy vitamins( if you havent been already) and there was this stuff for symptoms of morning sickness on this website called on of my friends told me about the website)I hope you get better



                Its things like this that make you not enjoy pregnancy. HOPEFULLY it will get better for you but usually lasts up to 14wks. But yes you can be sick althrough pregnancy. I had evening sickness with my daughter.
                Its the girls that usually make you sick..


                  Hi everyone–

                  I have been taking really good prenatal vitamins, so the baby gets the right nutrition!! Thanks to everyone for your responses!

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