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      how far were all you when you started showing?


        when i 1st started showin i was 3 months pregnant…i had alil baby bump… couldnt hide it 4 long….i got really big fast…


          I started showing at 2 and a half months already! (about 10 or 11 weeks)


            i could see a difference at 8 weeks (but i had twins) at 12 i had a tiny bump, at 14 you could tell im pregnant =)


              I actually started showing at six weeks, but I was pretty small before I got pregnant. I got a huge belly at about sixteen weeks. Now I am huge and I am only about thirty four weeks. Different people start showing at different times. No one can put a time on when everyone starts to show.


                I started showing late, about 4 months


                  does anyone know when you will start showing if your having twins? xx


                    When i got pregnant with my twins i was showing at about 10 weeks along… but i was super skinny before i got pregnant so that could be why.


                      you actually start showing 8 weeks but the average person dnt start showin until there 12 weeks


                        oh right, it’s just i think i’m preg again but i’m only about 4 weeks… and i feel huge lol, i’ve put on loads of weight recently and just thought i might possibly be carrying twins. but not sure if i’d be showing this early on, this would be my second pregnancy tho, so i dunno xx

                      Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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