Should i wait??!

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      Im 14..turing 15 in a couple of days.
      And i have a boyfriend..we have been going
      out for 4 months now. And we have talked about sex
      and i have told him since we started dating that im not redy..Because im a virgin. He says that hes gunna wait for me untill we get married..Which is in like 2 years.. But sometimes when im with him it gets so tempting..and i try to calm myself down but somnetimes i just can`t..
      And i think about it…and its so hard because i have no one to talk to..he tells me that if i get pergnaut he will take responsibility.. I am so in love with him..but im not redy to have sex..i want to..i really do..but i can`t rite now.. Im so confused..sometimes i cry because idk what to do..Should i wait..or should i have sex with him just to make him scared..that after that he will just leave me..i really need some advice


        if your not ready don’t do it. letting a guy presure you into loossing your virginity is one of the worst mistakes u can make, you’ll regrtet it. i did. but don’t do it for him, do it for you. if your not ready then wait, if he loves you he’ll wait.


          Wait hun πŸ™‚ I’m fifteen as well and my boyfriend and I are so in love…I know adults don’t think teens can know what love is, but I know that we do…maybe not the full extent of it, but we do know love. TRUST ME, I KNOW EXACTLY HOW TEMPTING IT IS….but waiting would be the best thing to do. Just think about it, making love for the first time on your wedding night…It’d be perfect. That’s what my boyfriend and I plan on doing and it was actually his idea. I was willing to make love with him once I turned 18, but…he told me that he knew it meant a lot to me and it meant a lot to him that we wait. It’ll be so worth it. If he really loves, you he’ll wait. Trust me, I want to have sex with him all the time, and he wants to as well…but we both know it’s our hormones and that waiting is much better. Just because you want to, doesn’t mean there is anything wrong. I want to, but I want to wait more….You’re not ready, that is obvious, so definitely wait πŸ™‚ It’ll make it a million times more special, you’ll be ready, and it’ll make you want each other even more once it finally happens. Being a teen means that you probably wouldn’t appreciate the full beauty of sex….and sex is a beautiful thing. You are worth waiting for πŸ™‚ And if he loves you, he’ll respect that and wait for you. Goodluck! πŸ™‚


            I definitely think you should wait. He he says he loves you then he will wait in till your ready. I lost my virginity at 15 and i was almost 16 and now I’m 16 and pregnant i really wish i would have waited but my boyfriend at the time pushed me into doing it then he left me a month later. You should just wait, and let your boyfriend know how you feel about the situation.

            miss tee

              girl keep ya head up and be strong do what you got to do to take care of your baby and dont run behind no nigga .always put your child 1st no matter what


                sweety i faal strong that you should wait you still young and you have your whole life waiting on you πŸ™ i was 17 wen i first had sex my bf at the time sayd the same as yours and made me feel guilty at the end of the day we had sex and a few months latter i found out he was cheating on me :unsure: so it will be best to wait you will know wen the right time πŸ™‚ is to have sex today i am 19 soon turning 20 nd i’m 2 months pregnant πŸ™‚ im not sorry about the baby just the fact that i made some wrong choices back them so wait and dont allow him to make you feel guilty like my x bf made me feel πŸ™‚
                strongs πŸ™‚


                  Please do not let him pressure you! I let my ex bf pressure me into having sex with him one year ago and I ended up being pregnant with him and he left me all alone and told me that’s my problem how I would deal with it coz he’s not going to help me.
                  I ended up telling my parents that I was pregnant and they coerced me to have an abortion and ever since the abortion my life has turned into hell.
                  See how one “little” compromise can destroy your life?
                  Please be smarter than I was and don’t allow yourself to fall into the same dangerous trap!
                  If he loves you he will wait if not, then you’re not better than an object for him that he will use to satisfy his temporary urges.

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