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      Hey everyone,
      My name’s Samantha, Sam for short, but newayz, here’s the deal. I’ll be 17 on the 9th and there’s a huge chance I might be pg. I’m not really worried about it b/c i know i have support from all of my family including extended b/c there are already two teen parents n our family. but newayz, here’s the deal when i first started thinking there was a chance i told my now ex-bf and he freaked and started sayin’ he didn’t think we should be together nemore and he thinks he made a mistake and so on but he wouldn’t ever come out and say it was over so i did. here’s the deal my parents know that there’s a maj. chance i may be and there ok w/it but they don’t want me to tell my ex if the result comes out pos. they say that since he didnt want it to begin w/then he won’t want it now and i know they’re right but i think that he has the right to know. plus i think that his parents and g-parents have the right to know that, if pos., they’re g-parents and gg-parents. they’re wonderful ppl and i dont think they should be punished b/c of their son. and i dont want my child growing up w/out @ least knowing his dad and g-parents. well the question is should i tell him or not


        even though he says he does’t want to be with you, he is the father and my personal thoughts are to tell him if you are and if not don’t say any thing, if you don’t want to. if he still wants nothing to do wothyou or the baby then keep him posted on the baby, send him a picture after the baby is born. My BF wasn’t very excited about us having a child till he saw me growing and the baby kicking, even after my son was born he still didn’t come to terms with it but now he is the best and he loves being a part of our sons life. Men realy don’t get into the changes of your body, so just tell him if you are and then when the baby is born unless you feel he has changed and then do what your heart desires. Trust me you will know what is right. Good luck.


          hey i have to say that he doesn have the right to kno whether or not he’s going to be a parent… he may not accept that fact but he has the right to kno…. if he tries to deny it u can tell him straight up that it takes 2 to make a baby and he happens to be the father. see w/ me i kno that the father will deny it i kno he will so i was just thinking about not telling him but my friend told me that he has a right to kno what he has done.. so tell him and u never kno….


            first off.. you’re really lucky to have parents and family that are so welcoming and understanding to you. you’re bf is being very irrational now… you should give him some time.. he probably made his decision without even thinking. and you are very right about being unfair to his family. they have a major right in knowing whether or not they’ll be great grandz etc. since your parents and family seem so understanding then you should let them know why you would want to tell his family, i’m sure they’ll understand. take care of yourself and be safe.. :kiss:


              he is the father so he has a right to know. At least then he can decide what to do. Since you are very young, it is not wise to get married. You can give it up for adoption or live w/ your parents and raise the child. You may feel very angry with the child for ruining your chances of a different life, but you have to make choices-good or bad.


                you are right. he needs to know or atleast his parents do.
                best of luck!!!

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