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      My (ex) boyfriend and I had unprotected sex last weekend, and I think I might be pregnant. I’m going to take a test next weekend, but it’s really been keeping me up and night, and I need somebody to talk to about it…so should I tell him there’s a chance I might be pregnant?
      We had a rough break-up, and I’m not sure he wants to talk to me right now.
      Should I just wait until I’m for sure to tell him, or can I bring it up now?


        I suggest you take the test as soon as it is practical and reliable. If you tell him now he may just think you’re desperate to get him back and are using any means possible to do that. Wait until you are sure and then tell him. If you’re not, and hopefully you’re worrying over nothing, then just walk away. If you are pregnant, talk to him as calmly as possible and let him know that he needs to be responsible for his actions.

        Take note that his being responsible for his actions doesn’t mean that he should get back to you. If you two decide that, well then good but he should at least help out with the pregnancy. Forget abortion. You’ll be carrying his baby for nine months and regardless of his age, he should contribute something to raising the child even if it is only money.

        Let’s not get into specifics as of the moment. Settle the question first of whether you are pregnant or not and let’s work from there.

        Good luck, honey.



          well i would wait but take a test as soon as poss cause you really dont want to have to talk to him unless you are esp if you guys had a hard break up you dont want to talk to him if hes not going to be to nice rite now, if you are prg call him rite than n there n tell him than he needs to know n should hopefully be supportive of you.keep us posted.


            take the test first so u can no how 2 tell him

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