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      Hi Girls,

      I really need your advice. I am due in mid-August, which may end up being late August if I am late. I start school early September. It will be the last year of my Masters in Teaching program. I have 6 classes (classes are 9am-4pm three days per week) plus a 5 week placement in a school second semester. I will also have to write a mini thesis/research paper. I thought I could manage, but I am pregnant now and am getting stressed already. My school year is only September to March but will I be ready to go back with a baby who is a few weeks old … ? My mom is helping me take care of the baby but I am just so unsure. I am not sure if I should just finish up or wait until my baby is one and than finish the program. Thoughts:( ?

      Thanks XO


        Hey there I do not have much advice for you because I have never gone to college and I never really wanted to but here is the email address of someone who I know has experience with going to school with a child, ,she is doing so well juggling being a mom and a student, she may have some great tips so I would email her if you have questions, she would be glad to give you advice, I am also going to contact another friend of mine who is going to college with a baby right now too, she was able to take her courses in an opposite schedule to where she started with online classes and is finishing with the in class courses now that her daughter is a little older…I will send her a link to this page and see if she can help you out too, you are in my prayers and I know that things will work for you one way or the other, you are going to be a great mom…Love Meg


          My advice would be to finish school. Sure it will be a little crazy but it’s still better then the 9-5 a lot of mom’s do right after having a baby. Going to school is in the best interest of your child and I think it’s phenomenal that you have gone to school and will be done just months after the baby is born. 🙂 -Jessica


            I totally understand what you are going through.
            i got pregnant the summer before my senior year in high school. and to tell you the truth i didnt know if i could finish school. i had my daughter in april on 2008 and graduated in June that same year.. after i had her i took 6 weeks off granted i had to sit down with all my teachers and figure out ways to get my work and labs and test done. . it was really awesome to be able to still go to school, and take care of my newborn daughter.

            beings that this is your last year and you will only be going three days a week, i think you should go for it.
            taking a year of and spending it with your baby would be the best thing you have ever done . and you wouldnt want to go back to school after being out of the “loop” for a year..
            yeah it will be hard because as a mother you want to be there through everything and as soon as that wonderful baby is in your arms you wont want to let go…

            also you have to think of the future… beings that if you dont finish your degree where would you be? you went through all the schooling to follow your dream to be a teacher..

            Just because you are having a baby doesnt mean you have quit moving toward your dream….

            i have totally confidence in you!!!

            as for me, i graduated high school, and started college that next sept. i went for the first trimester for a few classes. but stopped to take a CNA class…

            the CNA class was Mon.,wed, fri. 7 am to 4 pm.

            for 11 weeks.

            it was totally tough, but now that i have accomplished something that i love doing i feel great and have no regrets leaving my baby with my mom for those days!!!!

            anyway, sorry im jabbering on, but i really just want to encourage you to finish school and be a mom at the same time!!

            Good luck

            my prayers,


              Its really up to you. it would be hard to leave your week old baby and go to school for 7hrs… but on the other hand the faster you get your education over with the more stable your life will be 🙂 its rlly up to you, have you talked to your mom about it? What does she think?

              xox Enya


                can you take online classes? that would probably help a lot!:)

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