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      Hello, Im new here and i am in my seccond trimester of my third pregnancy, I went through a rough time in my first trimester and chose adoption for the baby inside me… I also chose adoptive parents BUT now i dont want to give away my baby.. I want to keep her, i love her already so so much and want to be there for her as she grows, but the adoptive parents are already so excited them selves and i dont want to let anyone down 🙁 What should i do???


        It’s a tough situation, but you shouldn’t give away your baby out of guilt. Adoptions are rocky, and they adoptive parents should know that. Of course they are going to be sad, but it is your child and if you want to keep her you should.

        It’s not to late to change your mind, but better sooner than later because at the moment as your only in your second trimester you can save the adoptive parents from preparing for the baby. Don’t feel guilty, the fact that you considered adoption for your baby means you want to best for her and don’t feel guilty for wanting to be a mother!

        I hope whatever happens you are okay with your choice!

        Izzy xx

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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