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    fuzyelmo i posted another one of these the other night..but i feel like i left some stuff out..ok first of all, im 17 years old, my bf is 19, n we havent reli been having protected sex..which ik prolly isnt smart, but whats done is done. imma week late for my period n the past couple weeks ive been eating a ton, n i mean A TON! ive been peeing a lot, been reli tired, had some heart burn, ive gained some weight, etc. but i took a test today n it came out negative? could it have been too early to tell? i mean part of me wnts a baby, but part of me thinks im too young? i think i wnt one tho because when i was 14 i was stupid and had an abortion..i never reli recovered from tht..n ive wntd to get pregnant ever since, i mean i think i would make a good mom, n ik tht my boyfriend would make a good dad..but at the same time im scared..i jst need some advice.

      please and thank you



        well lets see.. the peeing alot could meen your about to start your period. and the eating heart burn ect. could be from stress.
        a pregnancy test needs a pregnancy hormoan to set off a positve result… if it said negative, then ur probly not, but i would recomend getting a blood test done. and if u stress about it more it will only hold off your period MORE..
        i hope i’m helping you out 🙂 msg me if you want any more advice, questions, or just want to talk.
        ~~ alisha


          Usually the eating a lot don’t come till your a few months pregnant. Peeing a lot is the same. Heart Burn usually comes in when your about four or five months. Morning sickness happens after your a few weeks pregnant, sometimes later. Stress can cause a lot of these. It’s probably just stress if you took a test when your period didn’t come. Getting a blood test would be better to do, and if you are they can tell you for sure. Good luck.


            ………i guess ur too young to be a mother.finish your studies first and find job.and if you and your boyfriend still together,then you can have alot baby if you want to.but you guys marry first.being a mother is not an easy job..
            GOD bless you! 🙂


              I agree with alisha and stockton09 get a blood test. and they are right about the heartburn and peeing alot coming later on when ur pregnant…I should know. And try not to stress about you being pregnant…cause that will hold off ur period even longer hun. If u ever wanna talk u know where to find me. Im just a add away-with any advice. We all are. Thats why we’re here. hope I helped. But trust me…get a blood test done.


                i also agree, and i think that u jus wait till ur n a committed relationship not sayin that ur bf wouldnt a great father but u want 2 put that child first, and dont jus assume that bf would want a child, becuz havin a child is alot of responsiblity and trust me i no i


                  If you never recovered from your first then you most likley wouldnt recover mentaly this time.

                  If you have any reasons not to have one then dont, rember you can adopt iff you feel to young.

                  Although I feel fathers should have a say in this matter. You thinking he may be a good dad is no reason to keep the child. I know many men who have walked out on there ladys while they were preg.

                  Although many young mothers do a good job, others are not mentaly ready for a child. They want to go out and be a normal teen/young adult with there friends.

                  Find out for sure and talk to your mother, the father, and then sit down and think about what would be the right choice for you.

                  If you do pick adoption rember you can do open (you get pics and can even spend time with the child) or closed (you have no contact at all). And you will be making a family very happy. And please dont back out last min.

                  My best friends are trying to adopt right now. Every day is full of hope and tears. Its so hard to watch them come close and then end up with out a baby.

                  Good luck with what ever choice you make. I hope that you sit down and think very hard and pick the right choice for you. Please do not let anyone push you into anything


                    Well if you are a week late and if you are pregnant that would make you 5 weeks along in which you would not have A LOT of symptoms but could have some. Most of them are in your head for example my friend thought she was 6 weeks and kept talking about how her belly is getting rounder and bigger but found out the test was wrong and was not really preggo. Well if you want to be then hopefully you are and I wish you good luck =]


                      BTW: you could be too early to tell some people have lower hormones than the others and thats what the test is about.

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