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      [color=#800080][i][b]Well im 14 .me and my ex boyfriend went out for 3 months on the 2 month i cheated on him with one of my ex’s and we had sex and didnt use protection..
      i dont no if i am pregnant or anything i think im just scared..but i have pretty much have every symptom possible for a pregnant person

      but a few days ago i got really drunk and hurled alot
      and i am wondering if me getting drunk would have killed
      the chance of me being pregant..
      but even since then i have been feeling sick
      with differnt symptoms..
      and i dont want to tell my ex boyfriend(3 months)
      or my ex ex because im scared that they will think that
      i am only saying that so they be with me and i really dont no what to do

      please help me asap[/b][/i][/color] :blink: :S


        If you think you are, if your feeling all these things you shouldnt take the risk of getting drunk and losing the baby if anything, juts relax and have fun but dont drink or get real messed up dat u dont know what ur doing and i think you should tell both of these guys whats up wit you and if they are not by your side later on then they aint worth your time… :ermm:


          I would find out for sure before you tell the guy. It’s pretty hard to deal with, so make sure it’s something that you have to deal with before you tell.
          Good luck,

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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