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      hey I was on awhile back, in like march i think. I finally found out the gender, and my baby is a girl!!! Me and my bf picked out the name Lillian. But the bad news is Im still grounded… his mom wants to throw me a baby shower, but how can i go if Im grounded? bleh. and my parents keep trying to pressure me into an adoption, even tho Ive told them that im for sure keeping Lilly. Me and my bf have plans laid out pretty well for the next couple years, we can make it. but yea. finishing 12th grade wont be as tough as I thot it would be, i went and talked to the skool counselor and she was extreamly helpful. Now the only thing is I have to decide whether or not to move out of my house like my mom suggests and move in with my bfs family or to just stay and try to tough it out. adios! ~me


        iya i think you should move out because your parents will just be putting you though alot of stress and with a new baby on the way it’ll make it worse also you’ll probally have more help because you’ll have your bf with you and his mum so it’ll share out the strain lol:P


          don’t let anyone tell you what to do.This is YOUR child!


            well good luck with having your baby girl i dont think your parents would be that selfish n not let you go to your own baby shower would they. i think you should go stay with your boyfriend if your parents are pushing you into things that arent up to them its nice to hear your going to finish school n have your baby n his family sounds great if there willing to let you move in n have a shower for you maybe thats what your family needs to wake them up is you moving out into his house n being able to do it with out there help than they will relize you made the rite dec. well good luck


              i think u just need to do what u want..but it seems to me that moving out may ne the best thing to do, BUT only if u know u can support ur baby and ur self and keep going to school….oh and as for the baby shower, i’d tell ur parents that a baby shower gives u quite a few of the thing u will need for a baby and if they don’t want to be the ones buying everything then they’d better let you go…..although u might want to make that sound nicer! lol…

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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