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        For now the best thing to do is to stop having sex at least until you know if you are pregnant or not, your boyfriend doesn’t sound like the most mature guy in the world especially if he decides not to pull out because he "thinks" or "has a feeling" that you are pregnant…and also for counting on that 2% chance like you said…how long have you been together?? Are you trying for a baby?? There is no form of birth control that will prevent pregnancy 100% of the time, if you are not looking to get pregnant (and not being married to your boyfriend is at least 1 good reason to not want to be pregnant right now) then I would suggest you practice abstinence, in the long run the physical feeling and the emotional attachment that sex can bring is just not worth the consequences of premarital sex… so your boyfriend has a cousin who got 2 girls pregnant, is your boyfriend close with his cousin, did his cousin step up and be a father to both of those babies?? Or did he encourage the moms to get abortions or just run off?? I ask this because if your boyfriend is close with him he might be seeking counsel and guidance from his cousin and it doesn’t sound like his cousin is the best at making good choices if he has gotten two girls pregnant outside of marriage and brags about how many girls he has had sex with without pulling out…now have you decided what you are going to do if you find out that you are pregnant?? Here is a phone number to a place called Optionline, 1-800-395-HELP, you can call this number and they will give you the name and location of the closest pregnancy center where you can get a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL test and they will be able to provide you with all the needed info depending on your results…this is the third time you have had a pregnancy scare so it is really time to start thinking ahead with more responsible decision making…now for all the girls, including myself, who ended up pregnant by chance and accidentally I would hope that they like myself would keep their baby and learn from the poor choices and embrace the blessing of a child, but if you turn out to not be pregnant don’t take it as your can’t get pregnant and continue to be careless, a baby is not something to just bring into the world with a care free attitude of oops!! If you know that you are putting yourself at risk of pregnancy (having sex, protected or not) and you are not ready for a baby (not married, still in school, financially unstable) then you are playing with fire and you will ultimately get burned…like I said if your boyfriend is close with his cousin he may take the same course of action as he did, you may find yourself with this guy you thought you knew so well telling you that he is leaving and wants you to get an abortion…you need to brace yourself for that and be ready to Stand Up to him for the life of your child…you and your body and your future children deserve better than this sexual relationship with an immature boy, he doesn’t own your body and it is not too late to stop having sex with him, does he love you enough to honor you and wait till marriage to have sex with you?? If he will leave you for not having sex with him will he stick around for a baby?? Or if you got an abortion would he really stay by your side through the grief?? I would re-evaluate your relationship with him…don’t lower your standards for physical attention, it is just not worth it, I learned the hard way by having two kids from two dads on my own, this is my third pregnancy now and I waited until my wedding night to have sex with my husband, Don’t do what I did and have two children suffer because of carelessness, they are loved and they know it but they know they have been abandoned by their other dads…think of your future kids and tell your boyfriend NO!!! Love Meg


          thank u very much for your reply. We are trying for a baby and are going to get married next year on my graduation day. my boyfriend (Orlando is his name) is really one of those guys who likes to live in denial until he gets cold hard proof (a pregnancy test). I dont believe him when he says I couldnt get pregnant because he talks about the baby as if he/she were already here. Thank u for your advice.:cheer:

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