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      Hi there everyone.

      Im Gemma and i 18 years of age, im currently working full time as a payroll/accounts assistant and will be starting my AAT in September.

      I am in a loving 3 years relationship with the love of my life from school who also works full time doing electrical and mechanical maintenance (he’s almost 18)

      I know this may seem really bad as i know a few girls get into these difficult situations and dont know what to do, well i want to have a baby.

      I really want to be able to have a little baby that me and my partner can love. I dont know why but ive been almost craving it to the point that im really considering trying to get pregnant.

      Now i know people are probably thinking ‘what a stupid girl’ but i am more mature for my age and i feel that i can look after and care for a baby. I know it sounds like a smooth process and i know it wont be a walk in the park, but i feel that im ready.

      Im not the type of girl to go out and get drunk and blow all my money on clothes and make up, ive grown old before my time lol

      I would be really grateful to hear different points of views.

      (sorry if it was an essay! had to get it off my chest.)

      Thanks for listening,



        I don’t think that you are immature or stupid to want a baby at all!
        Now, that said… If you want to have a baby and you are with the man you want to spend your life with, than why not get married before you get pregnant and start a family? A baby puts a lot of strain on a relationship, and it would be good if he is really committed enough to exchange vows.
        Talk to your bf about how much you want a baby and see what he says… if he really doesn’t want one than this is not a good idea. If he does want one than get married and have one!
        Every situation is different… so you need to make the right decisions for your circumstances. But I don’t think that it’s a good idea to purposely get pregnant out of wedlock.
        Keep us updated! 🙂

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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