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      heya im apple
      im 14 years old
      me and my bf had SEX lastnight
      i might be pregnant but its to early to take a home pt
      i was just wondering if anyone out there had sex at my age?
      did i do the wrong thing having sex?
      i know im a little young but my family sed it doesnt matter wen u have a baby aslong as ur ready! so me and my bf are trying for one because we really feal ready and we think it feals really nice having sex and we get into it and carnt stop because me and my bf like it alot
      you might think im mad but im not
      plz write back
      apple xxx


        Sweetie I really want you to reconsider on purposely getting pregnant at your age. First of all it really can be hazardous to your health to be pregnant at your age, we have a girl on this forum who is 13 and pregnant and the doctor informed her that she has to terminate because she is too under developed to carry a baby to term. Secondly if you have a child that young you will be giving up your own childhood. You will be going into highschool with a child, you won’t be able to go to highschool parties, hangout at the mall, go to the movies with your friends. As of right now you can’t even get a job leagally because you are too young so how will you support your baby. I know you said that you and your boyfriend are ready for a child, but odds are if you get pregnant your boyfriend won’t hang around to be supportive and a father. We have girls on this forum who are older 16-20 that their boyfriends disappeared on them when they got further along in their pregnancy. Please rethink what you are doing, the decision to have a child should not be taken lightly, this is a decision that will effect the rest of your life.
        Hope that you will reconsider
        Love, Falon


          i think when your parents said "just as long as your ready" they meant physcially, emotionally, AND fiancially! Your only 14! I’m not judging you. I’m not one to talk because i lost virginity at 14 and also had a pregnancy scare.
          Your not even old enough to get a job or have your own apartment.
          Did you know that your brain is not fully developed until your 19? Your not thinkingusing your full brain! (i hope that makes sense to you). Anyways what i’m trying to say is that your too young to be making adult desicions.
          I know you have dreams about starting a famliy and having kids and your own place but those things will come later in life. Trust me they will. I have been in your shoes before. I am 18. Graduated from high school. Bought a car. Got a house with my FIANCEE and i am now 4 weeks pregnant.
          You can wait. Atleast finish school first.


            wow.. first off.. i know how you feel wanting to have sex and stuff… me and my first serious bf who i lost my virginty to when i was 14 had sex ALL the time… at first we would use protection and then after a while we stopped and i got pregnant when i was 15.. at first i was excited cuz i was bein all rebellious and at the time and i wanted to leave school cuz i hated it and do anything i could to make my life dramtic and piss off my parents.. me and my bf thought we could take care of a baby and had made all kinds of " plans". After a few weeks it really set in that i was pregnant and i was so confused.Me and bf broke up shortly after and I ended up having an abortion… I am definately not advising you to get an abortion if you are pregnant because that has honestly been the worst mistake of my life. Everyday i think about my baby and who they could have been and who gave me the right to play God and take their life. So if you find out you are pregnant, then keep it, but it sounds like you will anyway. But understand that its not all as nice and easy as it sounds.. It seems like you wanna grow up so fast and have a baby and be a mom but you are so young and have so much ahead of you .. dont rush life. At least wait until you can get a real job and be the best parent you can be for your baby. remember its not only you its also your child…. you have to think to yourself is this the best situation to bring a child into…
            If you are pregnant, regardless of your age , i would say to have your baby.. but if not then think about what I am sayin because i have been there and i would never want you to go thru what i did…
            In fact I am pregnant now( 5months) and I am 18 years old… Im obviously keepin my baby and I am excited but i know that i did make some irresponsible choices and I am stil unsure how i am going to take careof my self and a baby…
            I just pray you make a wise decision for yourself :blush:


              Apple, you asked if anyone thought it was wrong that you are having sex so young. If you need to ask for others approval, then yes you are. Unless you are ready to take full responsibility for your own actions without relying on others input, then you shouldn’t be having sex. You are only 14 and have so much growing up to do. You said that you are ready to have a baby, but believe me your not. No matter how prepared someone thinks that they are, there is always a chance for the unexpected that willl make them realize how not prepared they really are. What if you get pregnant and your baby has serious problems, are you prepared to devote not only the next 18 years, but the rest of your life to taking care of them? It is a huge responsibility, and I’m sure you know that, but even i didn’t realize how enormous a task it was to raise a little one until i had one of my own. And i was 17. And sex does feel good, and once you start it is incredibly hard to stop. And if you choose to continue having sex, you need to start on birth control right away. Wait until you are a bit older before having a baby. If you are pregnant now then I wish you all the luck, and if you need to talk i am here, but if it turns out you aren’t then really look into waiting until you are older. Take care.


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