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      okay so me and my boyfriend had sex right before i ovulated and he ejaculated
      inside me ….. im not on any birth control or anything…. and yeah we were just wondering if there is a chance i may be pregnant….


        Id say there is a big chance, as sperm can survive in the womb for at least 5 days, sometimes more, so chances most likely are that one reached your egg at this stage. 🙂


          It sounds like you and he are tracking your ovulation time and intimacy for the purpose of getting pregnant. You should take it to a legitimate level, and commit to one another in the bond of marriage. You very well may be pregnant from the sounds of it..but there’s no sure way to know without a blood test at your clinic.

          The chances of young girls and boys staying together when the girl gets pregnant are very low. There’s a lot of stress, anxiety and fear when that happens. This is not a little thing that is going on here….so please stop and consider what you’re doing. I wouldn’t recommend that you and he continue in the way you have been. If you aren’t pregnant, you and he could take that opportunity to discuss your relationship and promise to wait until marriage to have any other occasions of unprotected sex.

          Wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it, and RIGHT is RIGHT even if NO ONE is doing it.



            Hey my name is enya and i am 16.

            I would suggest waiting until your missed period then taking a test.

            Also, hun if your not married then maybe you sould consider doing so before starting a family to give your child a stable loving home. I wouldnt suggest ttc if your young, waiting till marriage is the responcible thing to do.

            take care

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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