sex cause a miscarriage?

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      soo i have been reading the book what to expect when expecting and i was reading about miscarriages and it has a list of things like fall emotional upest then it says “sexual intercourse- unless a woman has a history od miscarriage or is otherwise at high risk for pregnancy loss” so im really confused on what that means does it meanits bad to have sex or ….. i mean i wanna still have sex while i still feel like it can some one please help me understand what that ” means thanks

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        Hey there, how far along are you? Well first things first yes, sex can cause a miscarriage just like any other type of physical activity in excess, I wold not be too overly concerned unless your doctor tells you to, the thing I do want to caution you on is this, I am not just speaking to you so if this does not apply please take no offense…Sex at anytime, whether protected or not can cause pregnancy, having sex with someone who has had other partners or you think may be a cheater can put you at risk for STD’s, contracting an STD while pregnant can cause diseases in your unborn child as simple as an infection at birth to as bad as blindness, deformation and death….I would discourage anyone who is pregnant to not have sex unless they are in a committed monogamous relationship, preferably marriage and to always check with your doctor…there is an enzyme in sperm that can cause your cervix to soften and dilate before you want it to, I am married and during my last pregnancy I started contracting and dilating too early due to having sex and my doctor told me to stop for 2 weeks to see if it made a difference and it did…I was bummed but it kept my little girl safe in my womb for just a little longer!! With all this being said, yes, you can have sex while pregnant, just make sure you are cautious with your own life as well as that of your unborn child!! Love Meg

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