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      well my period just went up on wednesday/thursday i kno forshow i had sex dat friday after my period…we didnt use protection…so he came in me after i laid down my panties became wet…well dat saturday i felt sick like da whole day but i didnt throw up or anything just didnt feel like myself..but we have been trying to have a baby for ova a year now signs i was just wondering can i be pregnant and i dont want to take a test cuz i kno its to early to tell but i feel sick….


        Anything is possible but I doubt it, you have to look at things like how long is your cycle and when did your period start. Sperm can survive for 5-6 days at the most but chances are you do not ovulate yet and by that time the sperm will be dead. I also think you do not feel the symptoms right away, the fertile egg has to attach to your lining.


          Hi there,
          I think it’s just a psychological thing sweety, I’ve never heared of preggy symptoms showing up so quickly.
          You won’t know for sure untill you see double pink lines on a test, so just wait it out untill af is late.
          Best of luck and pls keep us updated,
          Evangeline xoxox

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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