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      Okay, so I’ve been on birth control for over two years now. I start and end my cycles on Wednesday, and my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex on Thursday the 11th- the first day of my period. We, foolishly, kept having sex all week, and now it’s a week and a half later (Monday the 22nd), and I think I’m pregnant. I’m dizzy, lightheaded, nauseous, I’ve been fainting, sleeping a lot more than normal, I’ve had some tenderness in my breasts, and I’ve had a bit of cramping. I took a test on Saturday the 20th, but it said negative. I am going to take another test Wednesday, just to make sure, and I haven’t taken this month’s birth control (I had a miscarriage from birth control… I didn’t know I was pregnant when I started the stuff two years ago. I’m still dealing with my foolishness and loss from that.) So here’s the questions: One, I’d like your opinions, am I pregnant? Two, what kind of damage am I causing by being pregnant (if I am) because I was just on birth control? And three, will I most likely have to go through another miscarriage instead of taking the baby full term (we’ve decided to keep it if I am pregnant)? I know you aren’t doctors, and I’m going to ask the same questions to mine when I go, but I’d like to ask opinions of people who have been through this more than me…. Thanks a lot… It really helps.


        sweetie, i might not know a whole lot, but being pregnant myself i think that by taking the test on the 20th was a mistake, as i think that was too soon.. even for the most sensitive of pregnancy tests.

        I was on the pill when i became pregnant… however i stopped taking it about 3 days after me and the guy had unprotected sex as the pill was making me very very ill and sick. To this day i dont know if it was REALLY the pill or my hormones beginning to change. However… i too experienced my symptoms early just like you think you are. I even had my first cravings of odd foods about a week and a half after that night i concieved. Chicken if you are curious :P. i noticed the almost exact same signs you did and a few others actually.. and im not trying to scare you or upset you.. i am only being honest. However.. though i suspected i was pregnant about 2 weeks after me and the guy had done anything, i had to wait almost 3 weeks for even the most sensitive test to read that i was pregnant which was "First response: early" and so i am saying to you, the best advice is to wait another week or so and then take another one.

        Hope i was of some help!


          Our doctor advised my husband and I to quit taking birth control for two to three months before we decided to try to conceive and to use other methods at that time. I guess it is best to have the birth control out of the system before conception is likely to occur and to reduce chances of early miscarriage. Well… we didn’t use backup like instructed. I thought it would take a few months to conceive, but after barely one month I became pregnant! I am about 14 and a half weeks pregnant, and everything seems fine. The book "What to Expect When you are Expecting" that my doctor reccommended for me to read says if trying to conceive it is best to discontinue birth controol for a few months but many women become pregnant while on birth control and have healthy pregnncies so don’t worry about it.


            Update: I’ve been bleeding for the past two days and have had horrid cramps- ones like when I lost the first time. I’d really like advice, and I know I have to see a doctor… I’m going tomorrow (Wednesday) but I’d still like imput and advice on this!!
            Thanks again.


              You guys have been of a great help! I thank you both. I’m waiting it out, but I’m a bit worried because I’ve been bleeding heavily for three days. I’ve heard that can mean absolutely nothing, but you never know, right? Well, my boyfriend and I know it’s in His hands, so we’re waiting and hoping.
              And yes, we have warmed up to the idea of being parents…. We actually decided we really wanted to when we thought the possibility of me being pregnant was there! So this is a blessing we’re willing to undertake….. But thanks for the advice, and I’ll keep everyone posted!
              Thanks again!


                By the way (I post more on my topic than anyone else!!) I’m 20, and my boyrfriend is 22, so we’re still pretty young but not completely considered "teens", I guess. Still won’t matter to doctors, though, right? I’ve been reading about the woman on the "Mucus Plug" post. It’s awful. I wish adults would treat us the way we act, not just group us onto the same category as our peers… Some of our peers choose to be irresponsible and foolish and throw their lives away, and that’s not true for a lot of us…. Anyway, that’s my ramble….
                Update, August 25th: I still have slight twitches in my lower abdomen, and the dizzyness, nausea, and lightheadedness still fade in and out, and I’ve also experienced vertigo (really bad mix of all three… It’s fun! *sarcasm drips from my words*). I’m still horribly tired, but my breasts aren’t tender anymore, and I’ve almost completely stopped bleeding. I took another test last night (Wednesday) and it still said negative. I figured since I accidentally picked up a three pack, might as well use them all, right? I’m going to test again maybe Sunday night, or wait until next week sometime, just to see if I am pregnant, but my bf and I aren’t holding our breath. We’re pretty much chalking it up as a good scare… At least we kow we want them and we’re ready to handle it if we do fall into this boat again. I’ll also test again before I get on my birth control…. Don’t want to make the same mistakes, y’know?
                Anyway, so things are going alright, and I’ll post again if there’s much change or when I get the last result……
                My bf checked out the site yesterday… Helped calm his fears, too…. We both thank you all. Thanks for the continued support, and God bless.


                  Dear Cirreh, I’m sorry for what you’ve been going through. It is so hard not knowing what is going on. I hope the dr. was able to clear up some questions for you. About the stopping birth control 3 months before trying, my dr. told me that was no longer a concern. She said you could start right away after stopping b/c.

                  If this was a false alarm, and if you are your boyfriend are wanting to be parents, I hope you can talk about marriage first. I really like what someone posted in one of the topics "Waiting can be cool," about how children need mommies and daddies who love each other. Having children (I have a nearly year old) has so many stresses in itself that it is best to have a strong husband-wife relationship first. Something to think about.

                  The reason I ended up on this website anyway (I’m 33) is because we just lost twin babies at 10 weeks gestation. It happened 2 weeks ago yesterday. We are still grieving. I wanted to look at the pictures of how they would’ve looked at that age. It is so amazing to look at the endoscopic pictures.

                  I’m glad you have a caring boyfriend, and I hope that he will one day be your loving husband.




                    I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your twins. I will keep you and your husband in my thoughts and prayers.

                    Also I agree with your comment about marriage. I didn’t wait until marriage to have sex, but I honestly wish that I had. I am glad that I do have a strong relationship with my husband. We are expecting our first child in February and it would be so much more frightening without his support. (Not to say that boyfriends can’t be supportive – before we were married we had a pregnancy scare. It is so strange to think that if I had been pregnant we would have a fourth grader right now!)

                    I would like to tell any young girls to really think about their relationship before having sex and/ot trying to become pregnant. You and your children deserve someone who will be there for you no matter what. Sex can be great, but if you don’t have the love and support in the relationship it isn’t worth it. Also don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you are worthless if you have already last your virginity before you are married. Each day is a new day and future decisions are yours to make.


                      Thank you for the support. Yes it was a false alarm (thank goodness) and we are planning to get married. We have this belief, though, that we should get married because we want to and because we love each other, not because I’m pregnant and our parents think it’s right, or whatever other reasons many people can think up. We are waiting to have a child until after we get married, unless another mistake/ blessing comes along. Let’s just say we’re planning to get married first, but unplanned things happen. Once again, I thank everyone for the support, and I’ll check in on you all. Have to support the people who supported me… 😉
                      Have faith, God bless, and stay strong. Thank you all.

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