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      My period is late 10 days and it has always been accurate. I have colosrtum drops from my breasts. Abdominal cramps, stable higher temperature that is 98.8 F and fuller breasts. All in all many symptoms (nausea,bloating,fatigue) that I can’t just imagine to be happening !!
      However I have done 4 tests and all negative.
      Has anyone ever had the same experience?
      Am I pregnant or sthg else?


        I had my last period, the first week of July, and I didn’t get a positive until mid September, eventhough, I had all the symptoms. It turned out that I got pregnant in August, but I had missed that months period. If you go to your doctor and ask for a bloodtest it would be best. Simply because they can track the HCG level as low as 5. If you have low iron, you could also miss your period, and be extremely tired. your best bet is to go to the doctor and have bloodwork done, on everything. 🙂


          you sound like you have the signs of pregnancy…so if the home tests all said negative go get a blood test done by your doctor because blood tests are 100% accurate….you might be pregnant just not have high enough hormones to register with the home test……..


            I have also posted this same question although yours seems much more frustrating. I am about four days late with all of the symptoms and have had 2 negative tests. I feel much crampier then with my periods and my breasts have hurt for almost a week. My periods are usually very acurate…I mean within hours. Just thought I would share. Good luck to you.


              you should see your doctor to find out.
              they can do an intravaginal ultrasound
              or HCG from your blood. i have a pituitary benign
              tumor that cause similar symptoms. but it is
              treatable and you can get pregnant after treatment, if thats
              what it is. but, best bet is to see your doc


                hey i no how you feel i am going through the same thing at the moment, also about 10 days late 6 home tests all neg. went to the doc today and go blood tests. i find out tomorrow.
                maybe you should get blood tests also.
                well good luck if you want i can tell you how i go tomorrow


                  I am having the same problem!!! Except for that my period is 31/2 weeks late!! I have taken 3 hpt and all say negative but my cycle is always regular. I already have 3 kids and with them if i was late…I was pregnant! I hope we both can get the answers on what else it could be!


                    U have had the EXACT same experience!! ALL the symptoms, and the test was negative, but I recently took one and it was positive,,,,so keep the faith!:laugh:

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