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      Hey everyone, so 2 months ago, I had a miscariage. It was the worst and most painful experience of my life. My boyfrined, Kyle and I are starting to heal and put our life back together, and I now suspect I may be pregnant once again. My period was due on the 21st, and – just like last time – I have had no symptoms of pms. Normally, I had moderate – painful cramping and tender breasts, as well as bloating. And as of today I am not bloated, I have had no cramping and my breasts are not tender. I’ve been more emotional than usual, and I don’t tend to have mood swings around my time of the month. During my last pregnancy I was very emotional, which only makes it more concrete of a thought. I’m worried that I may lose this baby as well, that’s my main fear. I was never afraid of being a teen mom, but now I am worried about losing another child. I’m trying to remain calm, and not get too excited about the prospect of being a mother again, which was something that I was looking forward to greatly before the miscarriage. I would just really appreciate some advice, or just someone whose gone through something similar to talk to and pehaps reassure me.


        Don’t be afraid. A miscarriage often occurs when there is a chromosomal abnormality. That just means that something is not right with the babies chromosomes. Our body knows that which is why a miscarriage occurs.

        I would imagine you are feeling the way you are because of the miscarriage you had before. It usually takes 4-6 weeks for your period to return and you will probably ovulate two to four weeks after the loss. Experts often recommend waiting at least one cycle before trying to conceive again.

        When was the date of your last period?


          This post is old, and my period was late, but did come about a week later. However, it’s now late again. My last period as of now was the second of March, 9 days later than expected.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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