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      Hello everyone. Okay. I’m 16 years old, and have been with my boyfriend for two and a half years now. I love him very much and care for him deeply and I know he feels the same towards me. Well, I got my period July 1, and was supposed to get it again August 2. About two weeks into July, me and my boyfriend had sex with a condom, but I still havn’t gotten my period. I’ve only had a few symptoms though, like dizziness, and a bit of nausea. No spotting though. I too three pregnancy tests and they were all negative. I even took one a week after I miss my period. It was also negative. Then today, me being the stupid girl I am, screwed up. I was with my boyfriend, and things go a bit heated up. We should of learned from what happened before, and when that happened we had even decided not to have sex until we were older. Today we broke that vow. We ended up having UNPROTECTED sex, and I don’t know if he ejaculated inside. He pulled out, but he was scared he didn’t do it fast enough. It mostly got him but I noticed that my pubic area was kind of wet too, and I can’t help wondering if it was sperm or just from being wet. He was kind of scared, and I was too. We kind of have a wierd situation. My dad forbid me from seeing him last November because he found out we had sex. Well, I’ve slowly been regaining privelages. Now, my dad is even letting my boyfriend drive me to shool. I’m so afraid to lose my dad’s trust, and to hurt my mom again. If I am pregnant, according to those calculators, I am 7 weeks along, but I just don’t know. If I take another test, I’m almost positive that it will turn up negative again. And if I did end up pregnant from today, what am I to do. I know I would keep the baby, but what am I to expect. I know there’s sperm in pre-ejaculate. I don’t know what to do. Someone please help.


        i know it must be scary for you but you just have to have faith that everything will be okay in the long run,it’s hard but you have to try to look at the big picture. If you are pregnant,naturally your parents will be upset,but it’s like waiting thru a storm,eventually everything will work out for the best. try not to let the stress of the situation get to you.
        good luck!


          It’s me again… another problem. Tonight I went to the bathroom, and well, I noticed some redish brown coloring in my underwear, and I didn’t know what to think. So when I was done, I got up and looked in the toilet, and it looked like I had gotten my period. In that little amount of time, the water had turned completely red. Well, about an hour later, I went to shower, and I noticed their wasn’t any blood on my pad. It had stopped. Is this spotting, And since my period was already a late BEFORE I had sex, could I take a HPT and get accurate results? PLEASE HELP!!!!


            i would suggest you take the test and see what happens…especially cos youve already missed your period….Tests may not always work properly though and therefore may not put your mind at rest. i think you should prob go to a doctor or a walk in clinic…you get the results the same day!


              Okay everyone is different, but thats how I was when I got pregnant. I thought I got my period but it just stopped..I guess it would of been spotting. I had my "period" for 3months and I was pregnant…Just like my girlfren, she got her "period" for 5 months and she was pregnant. They were obviously not regular periods but we were both naive and just thought okay so are period is different this month. Who cares right?
              Look just go take a test, because the longer you wait the less options you have. Whatever your decission is, I hope you make the right one in the end. Godd luck, and keep us updated!!!


                Hello again, Okay, my period is now two and a half months late, The pregnancy tests are all negative. Remember though, I was late before having unprotected sex. I figured that by now the tests would have good results, but I am still not sure. I can’t go to a doctor to see what’s wrong just yet because we don’t have the money right now. Does anyone have any idea what it could be? My boyfriend thinks it might be stress… but can stress delay it that much?


                  I know what you are going through. and yes I went to my doctors an he said that stress can make you not have one for 6 months or so .

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