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      I need some advice. My little ones are a little over three months old. I haven’t been to school since I was three months pregnant and have been taking internet classes. I don’t know if I want to go back to school or just keep taking courses online. I am considering going back for my senior year. By then my babies will be 9 months. Anyone with any experience I would love the advice!


        Hi there, I’m not a mom but in my final year we probably had about 7 girls who had babies and managed to keep everything together, so it’s not impossible. With internet classes you have to be really self motivated, so if you think you can handle that or that it’ll be better for you and your babies then I think that’s a great option.
        Good luck 🙂


          Hey I can’t give you advice from experience, however I am 3 months pregnant right now and I am finishing off my year this year and than I have one more year. I am due in August and although this will be so hard I am going to try and finish next year as well. I am in my Master’s so it is from September through to March. I have managed to move my internship to the summer so I will have some time off next year. The other bonus is that I only have class 3 days per week so I will have help from family and than childcare on those days when the baby is older. Are you in high school, or university? If you are in universtiy or college it’s much easier to get classes only 2-3 days per week which would help alot, you could spend time with your babies and do school. That is if you have child care and/or help from family.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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