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      i dont know how to tell them., im so scared. they are gonna freak. they are seperated. im just gonna tell my mom whenever i get the courage to do that and have her tell my dad.
      any ideas on how to tell her?


        hey hun i know how you feel! it is very tough figuring out a way to tell your parents you are pregnant. but its something that has to be done. when i got a positive result on my pregnancy test i freaked. the only thing that freaked me out was how i was going to tell my parents. i thought all night. the next morning i called my older sister who had just had a baby balling my eyes out. i was happy i was pregnant but i did not want my parents to be disappointed in me. I was 17 when i found out i was pregnant and i am 18 now i am expecting any day now but my due date February 11! but anyways, my sister just told me to just tell her straight forward. but i couldn’t do it so my sister told my mom but i was there. she cried but now is very excited about it. My mom told my stepdad. just be honest! I am sure everything will be ok. but keep me posted!!


          Tell ur mom that u didnt mean for this to happen and u were being irresponsible and u understand what you have done..tell her you’ll do your best to care for you unborn child. Even tho parents will think what we done is immature..u have to be mature about it and admit to your mistake!


            Well to help you out…if you haven’t told them yet you really need to. I know its scary and you feel hopeless and disappointed and all of the above, but most pregnant girls do not know how important it is to take care of yourself and your baby by going to doctor appointments. You made the choice to have sex… now you have to tell your parents your going to have a baby. And from experience yes they will cry and yell at you but in the end it was ALL WORTH THE TEARS.


              hey i told my mum last night that i was 6 weeks pregnant. She was really upset, she nearly fainted. But now it feels like a ton of bricks av been lifted of my hsoulders.
              I hated lying to my mum and now its so much calmer but im still scraed im 16 and fount out yesterday that i am 6 week pregnant i dnt no wot 2 do. Whether 2 keep m child or abort. My mum is behind me 100% no mata wot i do. I just need some advice.


                I think you should be the one to tell your dad also. Not trying to be mean, but I don’t think that’s fair to do to your mom and this is just the beginning of many other grown-up things you’ll face now. It might seem like the hardest, but once you’re over that initial hump, you’ll come to rely on your parents’ support.

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