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      i think im pregnant but i dont know 4 sure yet.i havent taken the test yet but i plan to take it soon.i have every symtom.but im scared to find out πŸ™ i jus feel alone sumtimes…even tho im not.but im so afraid i jus dont know wha to do. i jus need to talk to someone who knows how it feels. :unsure:


        i know how it feels, and let me tell u its alwayz better to know for sure than just wonder am i or am i not. πŸ™‚


          I know its scary but before you panic find out for sure if you are pregnant or not first. If you are its ok you are not alone we are all here for you this is a really good website to be at. Find out for sure if you are though and let us know:)


            It can be really scary (like all the brain boxes keep saying πŸ™‚ ) I think that the longer you leave it until you do a test or something the worse you are going to get. You never know you might just be worryin for no reason so its best to find out for definate so you can work out were to go from there. Like Crystal said wel all be here for you πŸ™‚


              i wish i could say something to really help you bu the best advice i can give is t take the test and make sure then give yourself some time to consider all your options before rushing into anything and remember its not the end of the world, it just feels like it.
              best of luck!


                hey ok just breathe. u need to relax. ok so ur having al the symptoms? ok well when will u take the test? i understand that ur scared. i kno i am and yet i still am scared out of my mind. this is a big change and responsibilty. so if u r what have u decided to do? well hey keep me updated on the situation and if u ever need to talk i will be more than happy to talk w/u


                  I am with you girlz out there who are scared to know are to find out about your pregnancy. Heres my story. In the year ot 2004 (summer time) I was raped and then a couple of months later beaten up by the same guy (I was 15 he was 21). My view on life changed ever since that day, I didnt care about anything and because it was not that long ago and I havnt told any body I feel the same way as I did then now. I had sex with many different guys without protection and i still am. The only difference now is that I have narrowed it down to two that I truly care about. One is 18 yrs old and the other 21 yrs old, (I am only 16). πŸ™ I use to be in love with the #18 (well at least I thought I was) but my mind is so messed up that I cant love, and feel effection for a long time. I hardly have any respect for anyone even myself. Everyone that knows me believes that I am going to be a fashion designer, are something big because fashion is all i have left that truly moves me. I beleive that I am pregnant by #21 I am terrified to know. I feel too alone πŸ™ . I just hope this will all be a dream. I hope my life is all a dream. :ermm:


                    im not really sure wat im going 2 do…but the guy whos the dad(if i am)well we broke up a while ago in like feburary.but he nos and hes going outa state collage which is going 2 make this alot harder.but i have decided if i am i am going 2 stay in school and i am going 2 collage.but he has agreed 2 help…@ 1st he wanted me 2 get an abortion and i refuse 2!so now i think he gets it. i should be taking the test on the 5th ill tell u guys the results.and thanks 2 all of you im really glad that youre all here!


                      to Kimberly
                      It breaks my heart to know that you were raped. I was almost raped once and got away just in time; very scary and demeaning. Have you ever discussed your situation with a counselor? I know right now all you are focusing on is your possible pregnancy; but it sounds like you are extremely unhappy and find no enjoyment in life since your experience last year. It seems that you have a lot to work out. There are free counselors through whatever state you live in. Clergy members are also free!

                      You can be happy and love yourself.

                      Just hang on to the one thing that means anything to you–which as you say is your designing.

                      Also, if you (or anyone else) are pregnant and need a place to stay, contact Good Counsel Homes 800-723-8331. They are not in every city, of course, but there may be one near you.

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