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      my last period was 6/9 I have done 4 preg tests and all negative, last was week ago. problem is that i had polisistic ovaries last yr but lost weight and doctor said they righted themselves but because of this only been having regular periods since Sept last yr. I had a positive preg earlier this year but hosp said I had a miscarriage. I really want to be pregnant, keep waiting for my breasts to be sensitive but they aren`t, have been feeling sick in the middle of the night and get waves of dizziness. can a test take this long to be positive? or am I just getting my hopes up?


        go to the doctor…….you could be pregnent and just not have high enough horomone levels to show up on the home tests……


          I believe you shouldn’t be afaird to go to the doctor’s. I’m not sure if you could or are pregnant- but I guess there is that chance. Don’t be afaird. Talk with someone, and if you need suggestions on how to do this.

          Best of luck,

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        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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