Scared to Death!

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      Hello I am extremely scared. I am currently 7 days late. I was due Sep.28 roughly and for the past 2 weeks my breasts been hurting, they did also for the same amount of time last period. I was pregnant before (a year and a half ago) and I knew right away. I was sick, tired, and all the above. This time the only symptoms I have is sore breasts which I usually get, and bigger, also cramping off and on for about a week. I have had a lot of stress with family, boyfriend, work, and worrying about being pregnant constantly. I am afraid to take a test. I couldn’t have the other baby, due to an abusive boyfriend. What do you think? I seriously need advice. I mean is it stress and what about the cramping? I think I had a yeast infection in the middle of the month. Can anyone please help me out…..please…Thanks so much


        as afraid as you are, i think you should really take the test. when i was pregnant i felt that cramping too so and all the other symptoms you have so there is a really good chance you might be pregnant. of course only a test will tell. good look and keep us posted!


          ALOT of stress can make your period late or not start at all. Cramping could be another infection like urinary tract. But, sweetie your gonna have to go to the dr. eventually. Stop putting it off. It maybe nothing. But, if you are it better for both of you, (you and the baby), to be safe then sorry right? Hope that helps.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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