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      i posted a forum thread about a month ago because i didnt know if iwas pregnant or not. well not a week after i posted that i had my period it was three days and very extremly light.
      in the past week my boobs have hurt extremly bad i was looking at them last night and it looked wet..i was tryign to figure out why like i moved it around and white cloudy stuff came out i was scared so i called my dad and stepmom and was talkign to them they dont think i’m pregnant but they still want me to take a test to be sure

      since the last post i did on here my bobs have hurt heartburn back ache weird stomach pains.

      if this shows up its cause ihad to redo this one since i didnt see my other one


        Hi hun,
        That doesn’t sound normal, so you should definitely have it checked out asap, because if you are pg you need to get the best care for yourself and your baby.
        Best wishes,


          hey hun, just try to relax.

          I would suggest taking another test, maybe wait a couple days. Or, go see your family doctor and they will administer one for you. Best of luck, just take things one step at a time.
          -Enya <3


            you have to do a pregnancy test A.S.A.P because if you are pregnant you need to figure out what you are going to do and if your not pregnant you need to find out what is going on and you need to see a doctor pretty soon either way. good luck and please just do a test.


              Well all I can say is take a test. If it’s neg. then you should make an appt. with your dr. b/c obviously something is going on.


                i know i should go get another test or go to the doctor and i’ve even tried to go to teh free clincs around my town but i’m w/out a car so i cant do much and i would talk to my mom but she would flip out my brothers leavign around the 27th for baghdad and my grandmother her mom is really sick so she’s stressing out and i dont want to put this on her


                  Well, all I can say is that you do have to go the doctor… it’s your only option.

                  Also, DON’T try to protect them from this and put it off. It is just an excuse. We did the same thing with my boyfriend’s grandmother and she ended up finding out through some one else and was EXTREMELY angry. She wouldn’t answer calls, anything. She still won’t talk about this. They have every right to know, even if you think you have good intentions. There will never be a good time to tell them.


                    Don’t try to protect your mom, ok? She’s a big girl, and she deserves you to tell her the truth. Besides, I’m sure that you could use her help. 😉
                    Keep us updated!


                      I know that i should go get a test as soon as possible bu tthe soonest i will is saturday at the earliest my aunt is sending me money so i can which i feel bed because my mom doesnt know and the only reason my aunt knows is i asked my stepmmom a couple of things and she told her family which i dont mind but still

                      if i am i plan on keeping it the child will be my responbilty but if i am the fathers girlfriend is already starting shit with me and i dont want my child to be there since they live together would i be right if i didnt let the baby stay overnight there?


                        You would be perfectly right if you didn’t let the baby stay overnight there. But you don’t have to worry about that right now, just take things one step at a time, ok?
                        I’m glad that if you are pregnant you plan on keeping your baby! 🙂


                          onistly sweetie that relly sounds like sumthing is up,pregnacy sounds like thats wot it is,so need get sortid a.s.a.p just so you no that its sortid and you will no once and for all wot the fuss is bout,and you can then decide how you going to get throu this


                            Did you ever end up getting a test done?


                              No i havent gotten the test done yet but i am tomrow

                              wish me luck guys


                                Ok, make sure to let us know the results!

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