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      well i’m 18, and not long found out i’m pregnant and i’m around 16/17 wks. i didnt even notice much change if i’m honest but i hate my body enough to be staring and noticing haha!

      the thing is i’m not with the father but he knows and it’s my decision he says and right now, with personal issues in my life it’s just not the time for a child plus i find i’m too young and don’t have the finances to raise a baby..
      i have a consultation on wednesday to be scanned and then make the appointment for an abortion..
      but after reading up on it, it sounds so scarey and i’m
      just wondering if anyone here has gone through the surgical abortion i’d be having? and if it’s as bad as it’s made out to be?

      i hope not! i’m so scared about this, i havent told my mum and dont know whether i should..
      she seems to be getting suspicious about my stomach growing but i just deny im pregnant when she asks as i’m so scared it’ll end up with me being kicked out, as she’s always said she would if i get pregnant before 21 and have no finances and things to bring the baby up 🙁

      my two older cousins know about this, so i have them there for me when i go for the consultation and treatment..

      basically i just need to know exactly what the treatment is like and if it is that bad? :/

      thanks! x


        I no nothing of abortion only that the people i know suffer everyday and regret it. To be honest there are other options than abortion, I know it is probably scary facing your parents but maybe giving the baby up for adoption would be a better choice. Help a family that can’t have a baby of their own, and not put yourself through mental and physical pain. Its not my body so i can really tell you what to do, but it is what i would do being Situation your in. Just know that abortion isn’t the only option.



          Last october I had a surgical abortion as I was 17 weeks and 2 days gone. It was very painful and was very traumatic but back then I though it was the right thing to do. I dont know if their all the same but the worst part for me was before I got put to sleep as they give you tablets to widen your cervix so basically going into labour which is painful as you can imagine. Only do it if you know for sure that this is what you want. I must say i still think about it now and I do regret it but thats because I done it for the wrong reasons which I thought were right at the time. For example I didnt want my dad to know because I am the ‘perfect’ child at university and everything but I know that if I had told him things might have been different. Make sure you think about this before you do it.
          Hope this helped.
          Maizee xxx


            I have not gone into abortion yet but I don’t think you should pursue it. I know the situation is quite complicated for you, especially as the reality of the pregnancy sets in but doing an abortion is not the option. It is not easy to go through this situation alone you need to tell your parents, I know at first they will get mad at you but that is a normal reaction from parents because your precisely wrong and you should be focusing right now on what lifestyle changes you should make in order to assure the safety of your baby and yourself.

            Don’t make decisions that you might regret someday. Ask for opinions first from your parents, sooner they will understand your situation and accept you as their daughter.


              I haven’t been through an abortion but know people who have had abortions often do regret them. They are also finding that abortion can lead to other health problems, such as difficulty conceiving again and breast cancer later in life. As Julia said, remember that abortion isn’t your only option, and that there are people who will be willing to help you and won’t judge you. I’m not sure where you are located, but one place if you need someone to help is the Sisters of Life (; I’ve met them and they’re really nice, but there are others who can help as well. Adoption is also a beautiful option; there are so many misconceptions about it but it is truly a wonderful option for the birth mother, baby, and adoptive family. Let me know if I can help at all.
              Take care!


                Hey Sweetie, I just wanted to pop in and encourage you…I’m not sure if you have made an appt yet but it is only too late once the abortion has begun….There are many resources out there to help you along, I first got pregnant at 19, I know its scary…You just have to hang in there for you and baby! Here is a place where you can get thorough information in regards to all of your option….1-800-395-HELP….they can also inform you of all the local resources in your area, where you can get FREE to low cost needs met such as diapers, health care, maternity clothes, food, etc…Please email me, I would love to talk more about how I can help you…Love Meg,

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