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      I would like to put my story out here to try and understand all of this a little better.

      I’m 18, and last month (July) I began to get intimate with my boyfriend, but it did not surpass the limit of penetration. My period showed up very late, so much as to overlap the week in both July and August. But my period was never predictable anyway. It usually comes when it comes.

      However, early this month (August), I actually lost my virginity. I had sex a total of three times, all of which were had using a condom, but not birth control. It is currently the second-to-last day of August and my period is a no-show. Besides that, I’ve been having cramps these last three days (which I never get before menstruating, only during), back pain (another thing I never get), bloating and heavy discharge.

      These symptoms do not feel like my usual PMS symptoms. They’re strange and they’re worrying me. Out of paranoia, I’m seeing myself as pregnant even though there were no holes or tears in the condoms we’ve used.

      Should I be worried?


        Hey there, So it sounds like you do have some pregnancy symptoms and you have definitely come to the right place for help! My best advice would be to refrain from any sexual contact at least until you know if you are pregnant or not, that way, if you are not pregnant you wont continue to risk pregnancy while you wait….Then, contact , Enter your postal code into the site and it will give you the contact info for the closest Pregnancy Help Center near you where you can get FREE and CONFIDENTIAL help, including a pregnancy test and an ultrasound if needed….. Have you already talked about this with your partner? Your family? There IS a lot of support out there if you do find out you are pregnant and we are all here for you as well! Just take things ONE step at a time and first step is to find out….I hope that you will come back and let us know what you find out and let us all support you if you find yourself adjusting to a new course in life! Much Love and I hope to hear back from you soon! Meg


          Hey! I imagine this feeling is quite scary. No matter what method is used to prevent pregnancy, someone may have another plan for us. Your symptoms do fit those of women who are pregnant. You already display an ability to trust yourself and your body by expressing that you feel different and are worried. So as Meg suggested, definitely find your local pregnancy center through and they’ll help you with the first step of taking a free pregnancy test. Then I’m sure there are plenty of people there that will offer you support by talking with you about what you are experiencing and what steps you can take, depending on the outcome of the test.

          Good luck and please come back if you need anything. And to let us know how you are doing!


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